AJ with Junior

After watching tonight, was it me or did Junior suddenly snap back into it? But besides that, what AJ said to Tony at the hospital, I believe it was "I'm going to put a bullet in his f***in mummy head" - who thinks AJ will follow through with taking out Junior. Give me your thoughts.


Re: AJ with Junior

But what I see happening is while Tony is in a coma, AJ going out and attempting to kill Junior. Lets say he actually kills Junior or just critically injurs Junior - like Sil said at Gene's funeral, Tony chooses what to do with Junior and this would possibly lead to a Jackie Jr. situation where tony has to decide if he has to take out his own son for the fact that he did shoot a made guy (unsanctioned) and in doing so, went against Tony and the others.



You're kidding right? How would AJ be next in line? Chris lacks experience, and is way too young; Sil is for sure. He's consigliare. Paulie has way more "seniority" than Chrissy...and AJ? He's not even made, nor made his bones...I could go on. AJ boss? Not fuckin' likely.


Re: AJ?

When he was vowing revenge, I was thinking, "Wow, that's one thing that will wake Tony up but quick." He doesn't want AJ in that life.

I know there are the Godfather comparisons and all, with the son wanting to avenge his father but, my God, AJ is stupid. It'd likely turn out to be more like Jackie Jr. than Michael Corleone.

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