<blockquote>Quote:<hr>How will it go down with them having to pay Sil now<hr></blockquote>
they arent going to be paying Sil like he is the real boss, he is only the acting boss while tony is comatose for now... they are giving silvio what they would have gave tony and silvio, at least from what i understand, is holding it for tony and carmela


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Posted: 3/25/06 11:55 am
Vito/Sil & AJ/Jr.

I rewatched the last sundays show and i noticed something that i missed last time. When Sil says that he is the guy you come to and all that he also says not to ask anything about yourself and to keep the family in mind only. and the first thing said was Vito asking for Eugenes sports book, and then its kind of put on hold. now i thought about this and i thought that Sil should have told Vito stick it up his ass and then give it to Bobby (as it should). If Sil wants to keep things together than he needs to make sure that people know who is leading the family. if that was tony Vito would have been bitched out. Now im going to assume that Tony is out and back in as boss in the next two episodes, so if your Tony and one of your capos is obviulsy not respecting your number 2, what would you do?

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