The Sopranos season six wouldn't be about Jesus any more than Silences of the Lambs was about psychiatry....but, like the spaghetti sauce commercial goes...."it's in there".

If you are a typical Italian Catholic (and I am), even if you're not an observant one, the enormous archetypal weight that Catholicism---even its echoes, its in your life---even if it's just in terms of guilt or wondering about sin and redemption--

Look at Ralph visiting the priest after his son was shot, even if he was the meanest f**k in the world....look at the monumental hesitation that Michael Corleone had in the Godfather, not wanting to stand Godfather to Carlo's child knowing what he would have to do to his doesn't mean that a choir celestial is gonna sing and Tony will start saying the rosary but it can very, very well make him think about right and wrong, and good and evil and maybe even Jesus.


Re: Noo...but....

But, how does that explain the shot of Tony twirling what looks to be Janice's baby in the air? It is supposed to be the Italian Festival, taking place in Ep9...........

Again, doesn't mean a thing. First of all, if Tony does come out of this thing and makes a full enough recover to be twirling anything around in the air, it won't be for at least 6-8 months.

Now, could Episode 9 take place 6 months from where the show is now? Conceivably, but not likely...

Secondly, if Janice's baby is 15 mos. now, she would be over 2 years old at the point, and the baby that Tony swirls around looks a lot younger than that.

I think all of those scenes - the swirling, the "are you gonna take care of his kids?" etc - are all flashbacks.

There's no other way.


Re: Noo...but....

Going from what we've all seen in previews as well as the overhwelming consensus that this show can't go on for 18 episodes without Tony as the centerpiece, I think Tony will make a remarkable recovery from the blood infection, possibly as early as the end of episode 3. A picture of a smiling Carmela in the hospital room in a nice blouse with fixed hair and makeup (distributed to news outlets as part of season promo photos) seems to confirm this. We already heard that the blood infection is the big issue, not internal bleeding or organ impairment or repairs from the surgery itself.

If I had to guess, I'd say the shot of him at the pool looking reflective will take place in episode 4 or 5, and that that scene will take place something like a month after he leaves the coma. He looked ever so careful and labored the way he sat down in the lawn chair, so he's obviously still feeling the effects of the injury.

Sac's daughter's wedding is the 5th ep, and Tony is clearly well enough by then to be out and about.

How all this comaworld stuff affects Tony -- at least in the short term -- is, IMO, going to be determined by how much of it he remembers. I'm not sure what he will retain. Since Chase doesn't view this as a dream but as some kind of alter reality, there's a possibility Tony won't remember ANY of it, that it's intended to affect him only so long as he's on that side of the veil of consciousness, sort of like how no one really remembers being in the womb or having lived another life (if you believe in that sort of thing).


Re: Noo...but....

wow...uh...flyonmelfi's wall....uh...i know you and me have had some issues but

your post was FULL of spoilers! seriously? all that stuff about the previews and promo pics....and even dropping which episode johns wedding will be?

shouldn't that type of speculation be reserved for the spoiler section? i mean i understand for some people watching the previews and analyzing the episode summarys is part of the fun but mannn....i dont wanna know this stuff yet!


Re: Noo...but....

Excuse me for interjecting some pretty fascinating conversation with simple minded thoughts. But as fireman in a major city who has bared witness to some occasional atrocious medical practice over the last couple decades(even by some very well known physicians), I wouldn't be surprised in the least if this scenario develops with Tony's recover the result of a suddenly aware family enlightened that an all too arrogant physician is making some very poor medicinal choices for Mr Soprano. I think Meadow's cynical response to the doc last week layed the groundwork for this type scenario.

The doctor's decisions may be hindering Tony's recovery more than helping, and his callous attitude last week seems to hint that he may have at least an emotional interest in Tony's demise. His hardened attitude toward a known mob boss seemed out of place and dangerous unless he had some underlying issues that would cause him to throw some caution to the wind. Honestly, why wouldn't it enter his mind that his attitude alone could ignite a little emotional led retribution?

On the medicinal front, I've seen some overturned and corrected decisions and treatments turn apparant terminal conditions into miracle-like recoveries.

I apologize if these thoughts have already been broached, but I haven't had time to go through all these threads yet.

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Re: Noo...but....

Mr. Geb, you should read the definition of "spoilers" (yes, by my own standards) if you have not already done so. You will find it in the very top forum of the site.

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>Any rumor, news article, speculation, or other material purporting to disclose or founded upon plot details of episodes that have not yet aired on HBO or have not been published as part of official HBO promotional material. This means that previews and official episode descriptions from are fair game and are not considered spoilers.<hr></blockquote>

Photos released by HBO for use in news articles are not spoilers. Official promos are not spoilers. Episode titles are not spoilers. They are regularly released on (among other places) in advance of the airing of an episode. (Right now, for example, you will see "Mayham" listed as the title of episode 3).

Episode 5 is called "Mr. and Mrs. Sacrimoni Request", information which has been released by HBO to TV listing services and will undoubtedly appear on before the episode airs. The title obviously concerns the wedding alluded to in episode one. The promo clips of Jenny Sac fainting amid what appear to be bridesmaids in a reception-like setting confirm that the wedding will take place this season, and I assume it will obviously be in the episode with the title that reads identically to the start of a wedding invitation. So the statement that the wedding will occur in ep 5 is based 70% on officially released info and maybe 30% on inference therefrom.


Re: Noo...but....

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>I wouldn't be surprised in the least if this scenario develops with Tony's recover the result of a suddenly aware family enlightened that an all too arrogant physician is making some very poor medicinal choices for Mr Soprano. I think Meadow's cynical response to the doc last week layed the groundwork for this type scenario.<hr></blockquote>

Great pick-up, it makes a lot of sense too, when Meadow joins AJ in Tony's hospital room, she nods at the monitor that still shows a fever.

AJ says "I know, the one doctor is calling the other doctor to get permission to change the medication."

As soon as I read your theory, Meadow asking about what type of antibiotic, the doctor's arrogant attitude, and AJ's line above all made a lot of sense.


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