Re: Noo...but....

you really can't take a joke can you...

look i understand your response. you are right. i didn't read the rules so i didn't have the right to bitch about it. thats fine, fair, whatever you want to call it.

but at the same time do you even once show the slightest bit of remorse for ruining a fellow soprano fan's experience of watching the show? no, all i get is condesending rundown of the rules. a simple i'm sorry about the confusion or mix-up would have been fine.

believe it or not...those type of spoilers really effect the show for me. i guess i was wrong to assume spoilers belong in the spoiler section.


Re: Noo...but....

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>you really can't take a joke can you...<hr></blockquote>

The problem is not my capacity to take them but your capacity to make them. Your previous post gave not the slightest hint of humorous intent, particularly in view of the tone of every other post you've directed to me in the past. A simple emoticon could have softened your words to convey humor instead of rancor or sarcasm, but you did not employ one.

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>i guess i was wrong to assume spoilers belong in the spoiler section.<hr></blockquote>

You were wrong to assume that your ideas and mine coincide on much of anything, wrong to not take time to read and comprehend the Posting Rules and Spoiler Policies conspicuously posted at the very top of the forum with a red and bolded command <span style="color:red;">"Every new member MUST READ before posting!"</span>, and wrong to call me out for having spoiled your viewer experience by adhering to my own spoiler policies.

For the record, I do regret that you feel your enjoyment of upcoming episodes will be diminished by what you read. Having had the end of episode one spoiled for me by a jerk on Sopranoland, I know the feeling.

On the other hand, it's not my fault that you chose either to ignore or not read the clear definition of "spoiler" that governs THIS forum. That's your negligence, not mine, and so I felt I owed no apology.

If you are sensitive to even knowing episode titles, official episode descriptions, and hearing conjecture based on promotional material released by HBO, then I'm serious that this forum is not for you.

You might try TWOP ( It's a good forum with intelligent discussion, but it's too highly regulated for my taste, even down to forbidding screen names with a character name. From what I've observed, they are very strict about even mild spoilers, and they might share your views that things like a promo photo is in fact a spoiler.


Changes in Tony

Tony was shot in the stomach. It caused a lot of damage to the stomach and related organs. Food and eating were very important to Tony. I suspect that although he will recover to live a 'normal' life, he will not be able to eat like he did before the shooting and that it will affect his situation in the mob and really all of his life.


Re: Changes in Tony

The Bing, you might be onto something.

Didn't one of the previews (or perhaps a pre-season interview) talk about Season 6 having a lot to do with the consumption of food, as a metaphor for greed and self-service? I recall the images of Agent Harris at Satriale's and Vito at the Soprano house as examples of that.

It might be no surprise, then, that Tony was checking his weight so intently during the 1st ep. 280 is VERY heavy, which coincides with Tony coming off what looks to be one of the best years of his life, business wise.

Maybe he's reached his maximum weight (metaphor for having consumed as much as he's able to), and hos his stomach wound will prevent him from being "consumptuous."

I.e., it could be a metaphor that he's had his fill of the mob.


Re: Changes in Tony

That's a great connection there, chicoxl. There were those preview clips of Carmela feeding Tony something off a fork with a look of "you've got to try this!" and Tony tasting it and smiling. Then there's Carmela pigging out at some carnival looking place on what might be a sausage sandwich. So I'm not sure how soon, if ever, we'll see this metaphor played out. But that seed was planted as I watched those clips and reflected on Chase's comments about consumption and consumerism.

Still seems to me that at the very least Tony's eating will have to be more regulated if not less voracious because of the pancreatic damage. Barring a miracle, could someone really have a pancreas torn up by a bullet and NOT have to go on insulin?


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