Re: if it were gloria and charmaine...

whoops, didnt see this.

yeah, I think it's gloria. in the general thread, i mentioned that perhaps they were planning on having annabella come into an actual scene again as his wife, maybe on the "other line" or something (wouldn't that make sense? i mean she was his actual mistress, charmaine really doesn't mean anything to him (RECENTLY, at least...i dunno what the nature of his relationship w/charmaine was like before carmela), plus gloria appeared in 'test dream' as well) but because of her restrictions w/L&O she was only able to do voice-only lines.

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Re: if it were gloria and charmaine...

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Posted: 3/19/06 10:21 pm
Tony's Wife, Children, and voice.
who do you guys think tony's dream/coma wife was.

my first gut feeling was it was charmagne bucco

as this is how tony could have wound up if he married charmgane instead of carmella.

but what about gloria trillo, could it have been her? in this land of the dead, land of the coma, could she be lurking down low in tonys subconscious?

also, do you think their was more significance to tony talking in james gandolfini's real voice other than to illustrate that tony was not a made man in this reality?



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Re: Tony's Wife, Children, and voice.
one of the tv critics interpreted the lack of T's accent as part of Tony's wish (assuming dreams are wishes) to be out of 'the life' (bizarro Tony - no mob, no accent, etc.) i agree with general idea -though this isn't Tony's true opposite - more complex than that (and i wouldn't expect anything less from an episode written by Chase)



After watching the episode again, I actually do not think it is Carmella, Charmane, or Gloria. It just sounds like an ordinary New Jersey housewife. Also, the kids are obviouslly younger over the phone.


Re: Ade?

After hearing it a second time on the west feed, it really does sound like Annabella Sciorra's voice. Whether or not she's playing Gloria or someone else in this dream is another question.

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