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Yes. This was in reference to bcorsale's following statement:

"You are looking at the word "purgatory" as defined in Roman Catholic doctrine, and you are correct. However, the non-Catholic definition of the word is: a place or state of temporary suffering or misery. (Drug rehab could be considered a purgatory) Thus, death is not a prerequisite to be in purgatory"

A non-religious definition of limbo is "A PLACE OR STATE OF CONFINEMENT OR OBLIVION."


Re: Test Dream links to Join the Club???

Isn't purgatory supposed to be a place where you get tortured for your sins?

Christopher's version of purgatory was an Irish bar where it was always St. Patrick's Day and where his father got killed over and over. In my eyes these are the kind of things that you would expect in purgatory. A scenario designed to be as horrible as possible to the sinner being punished.

Compared to that Tony gets a much nicer treatment. I don't think it seems like he is being tortured. Of course, it can't be nice losing your identity, being stuck at a place and all that. But I don't really see what he experiences as purgatory-like scenario. I doesn't seem nasty enough.

A lot of the people in the dream place are nice to him. At times he kind of enjoys himself. I don't think you would expect that in purgatory.

These are just my thoughts. I don't really now much about purgatory and what it's supposed to be like.

I agree with EdaMaria, that it's about witness protection/wanting to leave the mob/wanting to change and that it ties in with "Test Dream". There are many clues in that direction. EdaMaria mentioned some. I could add the alzheimer's thing. It could be seen as Tony (reluctantly) wanting to forget his past criminal life.

Also he says: "You live fifteen years as a smurf and then you die" or something like that. Couldn't that be what he fears will happen if he joins the program (joins the club). That he would live for fifteen years as a nobody, just a regular person, somewhere. And that he would eventionally be caught and killed (like what happened to that guy in the "College" episode).

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Re: Test Dream links to Join the Club???

Gribbon: Alzheimers= wanting to forget criminal life makes a lot of sense (that as well as fear of turning out like Jr. or Uncle Eckley (sp?) and fact doctors are talking about brain damage in front of him and that Carmela brought up the S1 MRI) i love how dense this show is!

on the witness protection angle, someone brought up that they thought Tony made comment to Carmela in S1 about how they couldn't afford their lifestyle if they went into the program and 'sold patio furniture' on the side of the road. i actually thought he said 'indian relics' - but if there was a patio furniture reference in S1, it adds to the intrigue.


Re: Test Dream links to Join the Club???

In season 1, when he drives meadow to check out the college and they stay overnight they talk at a dinner about the mafia, she says AJ might have a clue and he says ' You know I put food on the table. My father was in it. My uncle was in it. Maybe I was too lazy to think for myself. I considered myself... A rebel. Maybe being a rebel in my family would have been selling patio furniture on route 22.'.-

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