I am a grown man...

And I rarely cry, but watching this episode I cried like a boy.

Man this show means so much to me... the relation between wife and husband, between father and son... so strong...

I just hope the next episode is gonna be funny or conflicts and action as i cant take this every week. (once a year is enough to be honest lol)


Re: I am a grown man...

glad I wasnt the only one then VVL!

After ALL I have personally invested in this show since its inception, I indeed did cry at the amazing hospital scenes and am in no way ashamed to say so - so poignant and realistically acted that indeed (as i have seen said here) felt almost as if i was spying on a real-life family.

Although as you say Vega, a healthy dose of some Paulie Walnuts humour next week is probably welcome at this point! <img src=http://www.ezboard.com/images/emoticons/smile.gif ALT=":)">


Re: I am a grown man...

I felt I was on a roller coaster of emotions when Carmela was speaking to Tony after she started playing the stereo and 'American Girl.' I laughed with her and I cried with and for her. I cracked up when she started talking about Charmaigne and Artie, but I was turned on in a weird way when she was admitting to Tony how she got hot 'down there' when Tony picked her up. Her confession of insincerity with respect to the MRI comment. Someone in another thread suggested that the Emmy people stop looking for nominations based on her performance in 'Join The Club' and I almost agree. Edie Falco as Carmela Soprano has steadily jumped into my list of favorite characters on the show.


Re: I am a grown man...

Seeing Carm's real love for Tony made me emotional. I've been in her situation before, where you re-live every bad thing you've said to somebody in the hospital...it's not a good feeling. IMO, and I think I speak for others as well, Edie Falco did an amazing job (as usual), especially this episode.


Re: @GuiseppeSoprano

Yeah, the tough parts for me were:

When Carmella says "Anthony, Anthony..." like towards a naughty boy and we see this helpless Tony Soprano with the bad-ass music in the back.

The whole character development between Carmella and Tony when she reminisced about some weekend trip with the Tom Petty song.

AJ opening up to Tony.

That ending.

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