Re: Carmela Speaking at a Funeral?

I think i saw it mentioned somewhere here that that 'speech' was Carmela talking to Melfi in therapy - I guess time will tell.

Had also never entertained the Funeral Eulogy idea, yet Carmela's apparent formality in her speech could i guess, suggest some kind of public speaking, perhaps a vigil type moment? Who knows? - will be interesting to discover what this one indeed turns out to be


Re: Carmela Speaking at a Funeral?

Yeah, that's definately not a funeral speech.

The only thing I can say, seeing that trailer again, is that there is no possible way that Tony doesn't come out of this coma alive and, pretty much, well.

Unless he's going to have him play like the "Ghost" character in The 6th Sense from here on out, he's in far too many real-life scenes.

I'd say the fact that he's actually in Purgatory now, as opposed to an actual dream, makes it even more certain that he is coming back. Those scenes, with Tony, can't happen in a "real" Purgatory, since he's with people that are alive and well.

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