Janice's crocodile tears

When she started crying like that, I felt that she was only doing it to show the others what a caring and loving sister she is.

It wasnt real.

Incidentally also when she jollies the baby in Members Only after coming to Juniors house it looks very unrealisting and acted, kind of just to show Tony what a loving mother she is.

I think she is fundamentally a bad person and I feel sorry for Bobby. I'm sure she is gonna seal that poor guys fate as well.


Re: Janice's crocodile tears

Totally agree! I was floored that she had a baby.

Maybe the loveable Bobby we see is not the real Bobby. He is going to have to truly grow a set to keep up with Janice. She is one vindictive little wench!

I hated how everyone fell all over here when she walked into Tony's room and started the tear factory...they had to help her sit down. Blech!

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Re: Janice's crocodile tears

I may be the only one who things this, but I don't think that her tears are fake; she wasn't doing it just because the family members were there. She also broke down like this in S3E2 when Livia died.

You have to remember, this is her brother. Why would she fake it? Barbara didn't shed any tears so why would Janice feel obligated to?


Re: Janice's crocodile tears

Janice is evil, just like her mother. I still remember her bitching about Tony to Richie and manipulating him(S2). Janice hated her mother but she insisted on having a 'real' funeral, despite Livia's and Tony's wishes, complete with the ridiculous 'sharing of loving memories' of Liva.

It doesn't anger me though. I think such a character is great in the show. In fact her act at Tony's bed made me laugh.


Re: Janice's crocodile tears

nice points asd, she is permanently trying to start something with men who could play a role in the mob family.she has richie and ralphie so far.
now she has Bobby Bacala, which tony can not touch.yet she has bobby totally in her hands, and tony obviously has probs showing her her frontiers also.he had two or three times to say to bobby very angrily that they had to talk about janice.bobby is getting it from both sides then like in episode one when tony told him angrily they had to talk about janice and she said something like 'no wonder he is angry when you wear that train hat'.
she might be satisfied for now since she has the good earner bobby, but who knows if this satisfaction lasts.
and she knows bobby will earn better if tony bites it.

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Re: Janice's crocodile tears

janice is an effing leech... she leeched on to richie aprile, then on to ralph (or vice versa), then on to Bobby because she wants to do as little work as possible in life and still have everything she wants...

and lets not forget how she took advantage of the fact that bobby was grieving for his recently dead wife and she prounced on that like a lion on a gazelle...

when she was breat feeding, she didnt look very happy about it, almost like it was a chore... IMO i think she didnt really want the kid but bobby did so to keep him wrapped around her finger, she had a kid (yes she's that crazy)...

she wants bobby to assert himself more so she can in turn get more things... and honestly i dont think she is really grieving for tony even though tony has pretty much paid for her entire adult life... i think she's indifferent about tony surviving... if he dies, Bobby gets a boost up the pay scale, if tony survives she has little brother and bobby taking care of her...

janice is a caner and if she were to burst in to flames in the middle of the show, i would jump up and down and cry tears of joy...

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