The Issue of AJ's changing hair length?

Havent been able to see the ep yet, however have read a number of posts both here and at Sopranoland regarding AJ being shown with different hair lengths at different parts of the episode - was this mainly due to the monologue/montage piece at the beginning over the 7 souls talk? Is anyone able to clarify at all please? Thanks in advance <img src= ALT=":)">



Re: The Issue of AJ's changing hair length?

I honestly think that if there is a hair difference (I didn't notice it) it is something that either indicates the shooting of the show was a bit out of order rather then the first episode is the last one. People making that point were refering to the shot of him in the episode in contrast to the shots of him in the preview.


AJ's hair

AJ looks a lot like Tony did when he was around his age, erie as it is. Season 5 Tony has flashbacks of him and he had hair just like AJ does now.

Nice scene with him and Tony though, as brief as it was. Maybe a little forshadowing, AJ giving up the suit like he will never use it again or not even interested - maybe that means he won't follow in Tony's footsteps. Tony talking about 'family' is all you can trust.


Re: AJ's hair

I read somewhere that Rober Iler came to the set on the first day of shooting with the long hair and Chase liked it and decided to let him keep it long.

I agree with badabing, AJ does look like Tony when he (Tony) was that age, as we have seen through flashbacks.

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