Re: Artie And Charmaine - Back Together

Good point, I'd forgotten about that little tidbit.

I can't help but wonder HOW that happened. Artie repeatedly demonstrated to Charmaine that he is weak, spineless, and without the moral strength that she values so much. He has very little business acumen (she always was shown running the finances of the restaurant, and she is aware of the blown liquor deal he tried to put together), she has seen him make an ass of himself for women he could never have, so all of that begs the question:

What could she possibly have seen in him since the breakup that would make her want to get back with him?


Re: Artie And Charmaine - Back Together

And also, there is not much else mentioned about how down the restaurant is after the meet with Tony and the guys. They all bitch and moan about the food and service, Tony yells that he can't catch a break and then promptly does when Curto dies.

And then - next thing you know, Artie and Charmaine are getting back together. Very weird.

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