what did you think of the soldiers suicide? I found it unlikely. He loved his wife and kid, and although he was frustrated by them, and his desire to retire and get out, I didn't feel he was that far gone. Yes, when the FBI laid out his future lot, he was down, still, I didn't see him as giving up. thoughts?

a friend of theirs


it's realistic

He's had a lot resting on his shoulders lately. He's let down his family (wife) by not being able to go to Florida. I can't imagine wanting to move, leave a "bad" life (it must have been bad--he wanted to go to FLA, and his wife mentioned something about how he's talked about this opportunity for quite some time). Combine that with his frustration w/ Tony and the "Family", the Feds (living with the fact that you're a rat...can't be easy), I think it's realistic for him so hang himself.

Like the poster previous said, it can be looked at as both selfless and selfish.

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