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I note that just like Scientology's Tom Cruise in that now famous episode of 'South Park' ... at the end of "Members Only" Uncle Junior still "had not come out of the closet."

Not that there's anything wrong with that. <img src= ALT=":D">

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<blockquote>Quote:<hr>And, there was more SOPS stuff on it again thismorning. An absolutely hilarious "Dr. Phil" comparison of Imus to Tony.<hr></blockquote>

Yikes, I can't believe I missed that. I watched IMUS from 8:00 until about 8:40. When "Dr Phil" was about to put that spoon of butter in his mouth, I got grossed out and went to work. I usually watch the 5 minute "best of" you were referring to but just missed it today.

I am going to check the MSNBC web site to see if "Dr. Phil's" monologue is there but I doubt it. And if anyone should be compared to Tony I think it should be "Dr. Phil"...all 280 pounds of him.<img src= ALT=":lol">

Thanks for the tip janicezany!


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I thought Members Only was a great show. A lot of blood shed though but it was full of suspense and drama. I really felt for Tony this episode because he was trying so hard to be the loving and supportive guy to his uncle. Then he literally got shot at for just being a nice guy. Even though this series has shown many sides of Tony this was one of the most positive sides of him.

His relationship with Carm is getting better. They are communicating more without yelling or cursing at another. I also think they will grow even closer after he fights this gunshot wound. I also think they will profess their love for another after he wakes up or shortly after this. I do think they might have to endure tough times together after he wakes up but will make it.

Them sharing sushi together made me laugh. I was touched when Carm got jealous of the sushi place because Tony went without her. Then she said that was just their place they found together without the kids or her parents. But he playfully said they can still can go and she didn't say no so I think they went off screen. I also think the sushi bar is a metaphor for oral sex.

It does make sense because Carm said she fantastises about this place then Tony replys by saying he does too during sex. After he said that I got the impression they are having alot more sex now then before they broke up in season4.

I also loved seeing the different sides of Carm return. The first one her being more materialistic as usual. I think she was almost as bad as one of the desperate housewives. For example when she got the new car from Tony and her showing off her car to both Angie and Ginny Sack. I also think she showed her love for Tony in this episode as well. I really do think she really does love him but the money thing is still a part of their relationship and I think that is a problem I hope they can solve. I could also tell she was genuinely happy to see him when he walked in the kitchen to get his health card.

I also saw Carm's anger and nerves start to get to her in this episode too after she dreams of Ade and after her father messes up another chance for her spec house to be fineshed.

I also noticed that the characters of Angie and Ginny where is this episode to show the irony of the situation their in and what is going to plague Carm in the next few episodes due to Tony being shot. Angie is a widow and was forced to start over again to survive again. Even though Johhny isn't dead he is in jail which forces Ginny to sell things and rely on herself.

The funny part was Carm bragging and now she might have to sell things or have to start over with not the best job in the beginning like Angie did. I think it is going to phase Carm alot along with being very emotional because she really does love the big guy and wants to have more sushi dinners with him. LOL!!


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I forgot to say.

I think Carm will definately do everything in her power to get that house fineshed and on the market to be sold epecially now Tony might die. I think she is a smart women like Drea said on the LTP dvd. I also think after watching the episode again that Carm was happy about the car but was really upset about her house not doing well and seeing Angie with her business doing good and a car she paid for made her feel jealous.

The good thing is we all know Tony won't die. She will have her Tony back to love and have dinner with. Carm was disappointed when she found out he ate at the sushi place without her. But the TCA for season six shows her feeding food to him playfully tells me they find a new special resturant together. It didn't look like sushi. I think the food looked like Italian or French food.

I love this show because it shows the many sides of all the characters especially Tony,Carm,Melphi,and the kids. I can't wait to see next week to see Carm getting all emotional again I think she has some of the best scenes when she is emotional. I also can't wait to see Tony's dream sequence. The other thing about this episode is it helps to set up all the upcoming episodes of the season.


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Roses, all are good points. One of the things I noticed was that Tony is, in general, spending more time with and showing more of an interest in his immediate family. Which, is a good thing, since he has seemed to neglect them ever since season 2. He shows an interest in Meadow's job interview (even though he had to set it up for her), he dispenses some fatherly advice on A.J. and spends some dinner-time and actual AFFECTION with Carm.

However, as always, even as he spends more time with his family, his business-family starts to run into problems such as with Eugene killing himself. Although, that is arguable, since he was willing to rat the family out. Regardless of this, it will be interesting to see how Eugene's suicide plays out in Tony's psyche. I am sure it will hit him hard, even harder after he actually recovers (if he does).

Finally (and ironically) after spending more time with his family, he is paid back for his hard work by being shot by one of his closest family members. Just very interesting food for thought...


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Uncle Jun
After Jun shoots Tony is Uncle Junior crying or laughing in the closet?? I can't tell.


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Re: Uncle Jun
He seemed very disoriented and stressed...perhaps crying, but he wasn't laughing.

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Carmela....and Junior

I thought that the bloom coming off the rose so quickly re. the Cayenne was pretty bitchy. But that girl's gonna feather her nest, that's for sure.

Off that topic....did anyone else think it entirely weird that neither Tony, Bobby, Carm, or T's sisters thought to sweep Junior's house for guns so that in a moment of paranoia/delusion he wouldn't shoot one of them (oops) or the new baby??? Is that just a huge, huge huge lapse of judgment or what? So huge that I'm incredulous.

My family and I are utterly civilian and the first thing we did when my uncle showed signs of dementia was to remove all his military pistols, "safe guard" the house, etc.


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