Re: Is anyone able to post a WMP/Quicktime clip of the shoot

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ! (GiuseppeSoprano exhales in a Hamlet cigar style moment!)

Thanks you SO MUCH Gribbon -
For someone in the UK who wont get the S6 feed for months you have utterly made my.....well months!

The scene was every bit as chilling and fantastically executed as i was imagining from all the posts here - also the Meadow clip was a nice added bonus! (LMAO Garthman <img src= ALT=":)"> )

Seriously Gribbon, a thousand thank yous for posting - To answer your questions as to any sites which allow easy and efficient hosting of video clips, is very good and easy to simply browse for your media, then upload - simple as that.

Thank you once again, if you did fancy posting further clips i would suggest the badongo route although FOMW, if you indeed feel in inappropriate to post clips at this time i will of course completely respect this decision

Has certainly whetted the appetite - thanks again Gribbon - top stuff!

Yours thankful



Re: Is anyone able to post a WMP/Quicktime clip of the shoot

Your'e welcome! I guess you REALLY wanted to see that clip, huh? <img src= ALT=":lol">

I don't have any personal moral objections to sharing copyrighted stuff like this. My concern was that it might mean trouble for this board if it was used to spread copyrighted stuff like this (even though the files aren't stored on the board, it is being used to spread them, in a way). Maybe Ezboard has a policy against that, I don't know.

And also that the owner of the board, FlyOnMelfisWall, might not like us posting clips like this. After all she decides what's okay and what is not.

Finally, if you have a reasonably fast connection, why don't you download the entire episode? I live in europe too and that's what I did. I used bittorrent myself, and it worked like a charm.


Re: Is anyone able to post a WMP/Quicktime clip of the shoot

Thanks Gribbon

Im with you also - TOTALLY it is Flys call and i will take her final word as Gospel !

BTW, where abouts in Europe ar eyou out of interest?

Regarding bit-torrents, i have never had much luck with them - how much of an episode could be uploaded to one of those Sharkle portals such as the one you use or is that not really a viable way of uploading a 50min+ piece for sharing - i imagine there would be a limit of probably less that 50MB or something? Would you have the Eugene scene by any chance? No worries at all if you dont - just thanks for your help and advice and i look forward to chatting with you on the boards <img src= ALT=":)">

Giuseppe Soprano

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Re: Is anyone able to post a WMP/Quicktime clip of the shoot

attn: GiuseppeSoprano

Mate, have you figured out Bittorrent yet?
It's easy. And as an avid Irish Sopranos fan - it's a godsend.

To download the show. You need, first, the software (try Azureus)

Then you need the .torrent file, which you open up with Azureus.

There will be quite a few seperate torrent files floating about for the first episode of s6. A typical .torrent file is tiny (its really only a 6kb text file that contains info on the machines where you can d/l parts of the show)
A typical 42/50 minute show will be about 360MB.

Get the torrent file here:

Eventually you will have .avi file which will play on your PC.
Of course you can then burn it to a DVD for playback on your TV - but that's a whole different tutorial.

It takes a small bit of learning. But a Google seach will answer all your queries.


Re: Is anyone able to post a WMP/Quicktime clip of the shoot

GiuseppeSoprano, we're not giving up yet lol

It seems for whatever reason the links I sent you here

have changed the file to a .aa extension. Now they won't play with windows media player, but it will play with the vlc player which you can get here

It also plays with windows media player classic which you can get here

Come on now we've got this far don't give up yet

ps I can only send 5 pm's in 24 hours that's why I've posted this info here, I hope you don't mind

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Re: Is anyone able to post a WMP/Quicktime clip of the shoot

Sopranofan uk, sorry for sending you those PMs then as i didnt realise you werent able to reply

Like I said in my PM, i am extremely grateful for all your help and advice in being able to view the episode and that with all due respect, i didnt really want to take up any more of your time as you have been such a big help already and that i was now more than able to wait until we get the channel 4 feed in the UK around June time, so thank you

.....i was going through all your various suggestions all day today with no apparent joy......

i too thought it was strange that the BADONGO.COM route saved the 4 parts as avi.aa/ab/ac/ad rather than straight out .avi file.

I was trying everything and have downloaded the VLC player as you suggested and just as i was about to give into defeat, i suddenly heard "WOKE UP THIS MORNING".......The video started to play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Talk about Christmas, birthday and Honakkah (sp?) all into one! <img src= ALT=":)">

I nearly threw up i was so excited! The VLC player actually played the BADONGO files with those extensions.

OK, that was the good news, bad news is that for whatever reason, when you download the 4 parts from BADONGO, only the 1st part (avi.aa) play with the VLC player - when you download the 4 parts only Part 1 saves with a WMP/AVI type icon, all the others request you to requet how to open from a list, but nothing seemed to work

Therefore, i was only able to watch Part 1/4, finishing upto where Tony and Carm are in the sushi place and start talking about the Ginny situation

Any ideas SFUK?

I have a feeling it may be something to do with merging the parts?? Im only really guessing

Im therefore thinking if only "ONE FILE" comprising all the parts was uploaded to Badongo, that this would negate the need to merge and so may indeed work? Any ideas?

Giuseppe Soprano

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