Re: Is anyone able to post a WMP/Quicktime clip of the shoot

Sopranofan UK........I FINALLY GOT IT RUNNING!!!!! Have seen the whole 'Members Only' episode!

Thank you "SO MUCH" for all of your help and encouragement in not letting go on this one.

The BADONGO files actually worked like a charm...once i switched on my brain! <img src= ALT=":)">

All i had to do was download the parts, and then the file merger, locate them all in a common file to merge (which happens automatically when you run the meger) and then play with the VLC media player you suggested. Ran like a COMPLETE CHARM!!

(Your theory as to me not being able to use rapidshare due to my ISP was right as i am indeed with the ISP you noted in your PM)

Was such a joy to finally see the new season of this TV masterpiece we all so sincerely revere and enjoy!

Sopranofan UK, i am giving you an honorary bump to "Captain" <img src= ALT=":)">

Episode was great IMO, although like many here have said, it took a second viewing to come to that conclusion and to truly appreciate it.

I will post a review in the review thread although one thing that particularly stood out for me was how various sets/locations that we have become so familiar with over 5 seasons were shot from completely different and in some case unorthodox angles/views - particularly the Sopranos kitchen with the AJ scene and Tony/Carmela scene from the viewpoint of the flowers and Juniors lounge room / upstairs and kitchen.

These in particular and locations which we have become so familiar with and are often shot from consistent angle which in turn reaffirms this familiarity with them, yet as the show has become increasingly dark since S4, these 'different' shooting angles, in my mind anyway, served to intoduce an 'UNCOMFORTABLENESS' (for want of a better word) and insecurity, almost an eeariness, to these surroundings which have until now been their own save-havens....there is defintely a feeling of a change in paradigm, one which we are evidently already seeing from a number of the story lines intoduced in S601 as well as the direction of the continuing plot archs of the show.

Soprano fan UK, eternally gratefull for giving me the chase to experience this in 'real time' with everyone else here - thank you so much buddy

Giuseppe Soprano

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