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I don't believe it is a dream-scape episode.

1. Carm/Tony Sushi date -- They have come to terms on their relationship, and it is better because of it. They are now going out more and spending time together.

2. Tony/Meadow/AJ in Kitchen -- Similar to the last issue, Tony is now dedicating himself more to his family. In a way it is to help himself work through the whole Tony B situation which hurt him on a familial level. He is now taking an interest in his children and giving them advice. If you are worried about it seeming out of character, to an extent it is. But not as out of character as some of things in Test Dream. Two years have passed and Tony is trying to become a better father.

3. The Tony shooting -- this was just a very dramatic, unexpected scene. And extremely atypical for the first episode of the season. But, let's remember, this is the swan song, the last season. While other seasons started off with panic attacks, the return of old convicts, or the FBI bugging the house, this season push is an attempt on Tony's life by one of his closest loved ones (however unintentional it might have been)

4. I didn't find anything particularly odd about the kitchen scene with Tony, Janice, Bobby and Jr. except for the introduction of the baby. But again, it has been two years. No one was complaining last season when Janice and Bobby were married by the first episode. This is just the natural progression of their relationship, however stomache churning the thought might be.

5. The idea that the pillow issue was not brought up till now is HIGHLY unrealistic, considering how long Tony has been in therapy, but I don't mind it, simply because Melfi may have avoided the issue. He did, after all break her table and threaten her life one of the early times she spoke bad about Livia. So that is plausible in my mind.

6. The funeral scene, if you are referring to how Tony tells Carm that he needs to leave rather quickly...My view of that was Tony is seeing Johnny Sac imprisoned and Curto dead. That has to be playing out in his head on some level. There are only two ways out of this life, after all dead, or in the can. And that is abudently displayed for him (despite Curto's natural death). It is displayed to an even fuller extent in Eugene's suicide, after trying to leave this life. I think this pressure is giving him a hard time, and he simply felt like he needed to get out of there.

To me, it wasn't in the slightest way a dream.


Re: Real Dream or Flash Forward?

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>The Carmella / Tony sushi date (Tony discussing business?)

The scene with Tony AJ and Meadow in the kitchen

The entire Tony shooting scene

Tony, Janice and the baby,Bobby and Junior in the kitchen

Possibly the Melfi scene with the pillow that was not earlier discussed

The funeral scene and Tony's abrupt exit<hr></blockquote>
Frankly, none of these support any sort of backwards or dream theory. To me, every single one can easily be explained simply by recalling that there has been nearly two years since the last episode.

There was much to be given as exposition during the season opener, much of which will be highlighted as the season moves forward I have to assume. They could not stop and explain each and every one in just an hour.

I'll admit that the feel of certain scenes could lend themselves to such a theory, but only if you are looking for it. On the surface, this episode plays just as every other one has - just with much, much more information given out with not much behind it as explanation.

This, of course, feeds the hungry fan looking for explanation and meaning, not just for the episode, but for the entire series as we know it will end soon and we naturally want to know what Tony's fate will be.

But I just don't see anything to lend itself directly to a backwards or even "dream" season, or any episode or number of episodes that would jump around in time. What would be the point other than just toying with us and playing around with convention?

Recall the opener to an episode in season 3 (the one where Tony first meets Noah I think) - it begins naturally, then backs up to show why Tony fell in the kitchen. In the commentary, the explanation given for this was simply to remind the viewer that this was a show - a Brechtian device. It had nothing to do with the plot of the show or the meaning of Tony or the series, other than just that - it's just a series.


Re: Real Dream or Flash Forward?

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Hell all,

New here and just wanted to say how great this place is. I have been reading about the thoughts of this season running backwards. Here is what could be a very good clue.

When Gene is in the car with the FBI agents, the male agents says, "Tony was spotted at the Italian festival. Was there any made guys there?" or something like that. I forget the exact wording.

That festival has not been shown to us yet but is in the previews and in the making of s6. Why would he ask if it did not already take place?

Makes ya think.


Re: Real Dream or Flash Forward?

Frankie, no problem. The posting guidelines and spoiler policies are posted at the top of every forum for convenience. You might want to review those if you haven't already.

It's no big thing. Basically you need to scan the titles of all existing threads to see if a discussion on your point of interest is already underway. If it is, reply there. If not, you can start a new topic.

And welcome to the forum!


Re: Real Dream or Flash Forward?

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Posted by rwallnerny
Posted: 3/18/06 5:27 pm
Re:Is this season going to turn out to be a dream?

Back a number of years ago, Bobby Ewing was shot and killed on "Dallas" and thus began a season of dramatic change. Then the next season starts with Bobby alive again, and it turns out the previous season was all a dream.

What I'm wondering is whether Tony getting shot is setting up the rest of the season as a dream. So that they can do one storyline and kill most of the cast, and at the end of the season it turns out that Tony's been having one long dream starting with Junior shooting him.

This would allow them to bring back the whole cast to make a Sopranos movie later on. So maybe the first episode turns out to be the only episode this season that really happens...

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Posted by JohnnyTwoTimes
Posted: 3/18/06 6:02 pm
Re: Is this season going to turn out to be a dream?

I can't speak for others but I hope it's not a dream. The "it was all a dream" ending seems like the cheapest cop-out of all. None of the events were real so whatever development happened with the characters is moot.

A dream ending makes whatever happened totally irrelevant.

The only reason Dallas went with the dream storyline was because they used the "Who shot JR?" storyline to hook everyone and then realised that they wrote off the best character in the show and wanted to bring him back. That ending was a total cop-out.

Who here will be happy if the season were to all turn out to be a dream? Not me, that's for sure.

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