Could Uncle Jun Be Faking Dementia?

As usual, this episode was great.

This is just a theory here, which might be far fetched. Uncle Jun is showing he is in full blown dementia now. But could there be a possibility that he is faking it as before for his trial?

The reason I say this is that he desperately does not want to go through a re-trial. If you recall Mel, (lawyer) had a stroke last season and even though the trial could be postponed, it would eventually happen.

Also Uncle Jun has rising legal bills. By this shooting, it would clearly show that he is in dementia. But Uncle Jun is wily and if he thought the caliber would not be fatal, maybe he would try a stunt like this.

Again, this is a far-fetched theory but one that could fool everybody.

Old Maid

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Re: Tony & Uncle Jun

Its not far fetched anything is possible but i think his problems are legit....his health has gotten progressively worse since he took that fall at the court house. Also i don't think the feds would be as understanding to Junior's condition. They are getting desperate now and i wouldn't put anything past the feds trying to take advantage of him.


Re: Tony & Uncle Jun

I have also long played with idea that Jun could just be milking the dementia idea for his benefit etc but when you look back to 'Wheres Johnny' the fact that he was lost for all that time and found wondering in his robe and slippers, and especailly in light of a comment he made to Pu$$y at the Bing when he ran from the pool room and was picked up and then released by the police (same time as they presumably flipped Jimmy Altieri) Junior says something in regard to Pu$$y making a run for it, along the lines of 'We dont run, its embarrasing'......if he has such high mob morals in that regard and running is embarrasing, then what the hell does eandering in the night in your slippers qualify as?! <img src= ALT=":)">

Plus, if he were in right mind and just wanted to shoot Tony as a way of escaping re-trial on dementia bases, still for shooting Tony, he would still be reminded to some kind of police/mental facility and would thus still be institutionalised regardless so it would still be the same outcome.

I honestly think Juniors dementia is thus real - but i have learnt to never discount anything on this great show


Re: Tony & Uncle Jun

Yours is an interesting hunch and consistent with Uncle Jun's devious nature. At the same time, if his dementia were a charade, he would not feel the need to continue the pretense once in the fetal confines of his clothes closet. He looked very paranoid and disorganized while crammed behind the louvre doors...all alone without observers.

Added: All in all Uncle Jun remains the most entertaining character...still so funny despite his deterioration...his Pussy Malanga fixation and generalized suspicon toward everyone and everything are just so disturbingly amusing.

Uncle Jun: Who is that?

Tony: Artie Shaw

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Re: Tony & Uncle Jun

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>I like when Uncle Junior is in those Six Flags Theme park commercials dancing his hind end off. Those are my favorites. Wonder if he will be in them this year?<hr></blockquote>
Was this serious? That's not him. It's some young guy in makeup. And I find them quite disturbing, personally.

As far as Uncle Jun faking it, I agree with JohnnySac. It's too consistent to be some kind of pose.


Re: Tony & Uncle Jun

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>This is just a theory here, which might be far fetched. Uncle Jun is showing he is in full blown dementia now. But could there be a possibility that he is faking it as before for his trial?<hr></blockquote>

The trouble there is that to prove his incompetence for trial Uncle Jr wouldn't have to go to such an extreme as shooting Tony. He could have gone out in his backyard and just done target practice there, or he could have wandered the streets lost etc.


Tony & Uncle Jun!

I see the title changed on my original post!

The hardest thing about proving this dementia is that Uncle Jun has faked it before. However, there were a couple of times that looked real.

e.g. after coming back from the neighbor's front porch, asking for ice cream, as he entered his living room, he stared as if he did not know where he was.

And when Tony came over to confer with him about Tony Blundetto. Some confusion there too.

Old Maid

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