Johnny's Sadness

I'm getting the feeling this season we will be seeing a more emotional side to Johnny then in previous seasons. When Ginny shows him the pictures of the shower and seeing Johnny's face when he sees his family all happy, you can tell he had a very emotional sence. With Carmella telling Tony that they could lose everything, and Chris offering to buy his car, Johnny's life could be going all downhill from here. Being locked away for now, I'm sure his financial side ain't progressing at all. I'd thought I'd post a topic about this since I've never really have seen the sad side of Johnny, this plot is the one I'm interesting in seeing this season.


Re: Johnny's Sadness

His face lit up when he saw his wife approaching earlier in the episode. I love their relationship - she definitely brings out his soft side [well, when she's around, anyway - insulting her tends to bring out his raging, homicidal side].

I agree that he looked sad at the fact that all this stuff is going on with his family and he's missing it.


Re: Johnny

Yeah, I took it as sadness and found that to be the best scene he has played so far as an actor on the show. He conveyed so much with just that one look. After all he had to go through to take power and keep from a civil war, now he is stuck in prison and who knows when he will get out. It must be tearing him up to be away from his wife and family. No sorrow for the character, of course, as he had it coming. But he did extremely well in showing that sadness and anguish.

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