"I am evil - ..."

During the phone conversation in which Tony B's girlfriend (the one he met online) was ranting and raging at his inability to cope with business details (she was in his mother's kitchen; he was at ill-fated massage parlor), she started to recite a litany of self-regrets surrounding her choice to wait for/be with TB. It was cut off (i.e. he hung up) while she was saying something like: "I am sick...I am evil -...." Any thoughts on this? Was she merely relating that she was sick and/or evil for engaging in a relationship with him? Her choice of the word "evil" was curious... Maybe it was that she was feeling evil by virtue of association with him and his "activities." Reactions? Interpretations?

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I was wondering too......

All of a sudden she just lost it on the phone. I know she probably knows that he has a gambling prob but he didn't even mention that he blew the money and she started yelling at him about it. Did she just know?

As far as her saying "I am Evil" I wonder if its just that she was so mad she doesn't know what she was saying. I have seen people get so mad and yelling their heads off that they don't make any sense....maybe thats what it was. It was strange........


Maybe Tony B's GF was 'troubled'

Maybe Tony B's girlfriend is a 'troubled' person, that is has some mental health problems. There are some wierd women whom get involved with people in jail, even those on death row. Such women I have to suspect may have some mental health problems or problems in their lives that makes regular connections to regular men too difficult.


Re: I am Evil

I don't understand where she came from all of the sudden. I know that they met on line while he was in prison, but just last week his Mother was his 'date' when they all went to dinner. And his Mother is the one who was with him at his Welcome Home party.


Your right.......

lbwalnj - I think you hit the nail on the head. Makes a lot of sense now if you look at it from that angle. She's kind of wacky. I have heard of women like those gals who wed the Menendez brothers. They were penpals at first while they were in jail and then got married. There was another whacko who wed the Night Stalker as well. She is probably one of those breeds of women.

Her words don't make a ton of sense in the phone call such as her response to what Tony is saying so I think you are probably right.

She was never mentioned in a previous episode was she? She kind of appeared out of nowhere.

I take it that is not the twins mother either. I wonder when we will see his ex-wife, mother of the kids or if we meet the Anarchy shirt daughter?


"I am evil..."

...thanks, everyone, for these posts. Interesting as well as amusing. Because this character has not been well-developed, and as we don't have a lot to go on, I am agreeing with the interpretations of "losing it" as well as "mental health" problems.

In the "losing it" scenario we see a woman, initially feeling justified in her frustration, giving her boyfriend (TB) some richly deserved verbal kick-ass. Just as she is really building up some vitriolic steam....she censures herself with the "I am evil" thing. This suggests that codependent, low-esteem type of women mentioned above who gets into those rather strange courtships with prisoners...also a "type" who does not feel entitled to anger (anger=evil).

In the "mental health problems" analysis, we are earlier given a tiny glimpse into her "nature." When TB retrieves plastic bag out of the brush, her immediate reaction was the query of: "Is it a fetus? People do that, you know?" This felt, to me, to be an odd immediate assumption. However, not an odd assumption for a woman (with little or no 'self') who has been indoctrinated by Anti-Choice or other rigid and fundamental belief systems. This type of psychological organization would see issues as all black or all white...all or nothing; therefore, easily indoctrinated, easily manipulated, as well as easy prey for a jail house romance.

Bottom line: What felt to me to be an utter nonsequitur in the midst of a righteous rant, just begged for this forum's dissection. I am thinking that most of us, thought it a tad bit weird. But deliciously and amusingly weird in a Chase sort of way.

Please continue...

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