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lol, what now? tony has to get pissed off everytime he gets ridiculed, poked fun of, insulted, humiliated? He'd be in far worse shape than he is now! - besides like what Flyonmelfiswall said - Tony has no insecurities about his sexuality. lol good for laugh though.


Re: carm's "gay" comments to Tony

Actually the point of my comment was not to imply that Tony was gay in any way...but I'm glad a few of you got a laugh out of it. Hey, whatever it takes!<img src= ALT=":D">

Tony has been extremely emotional since the season began--vascillating between sadness, passion, saw how quickly he turned and dropped the "c" bomb on Melfi? How he squelched Feech and Blundetto verbally when they said anything that he took as remotely critical of him/his style. I think Tony is pussyfooting (no pun) around Carm a bit, maybe as a prelude to reconciliation. She's more verbal with him this season than she's ever been. The Tony of last year mighthave been punching the wall near her head.


Season 4 mention

I cant believe nobody's mentioned it yet. Remember last season, the dinner at Meadow's new pad, when Carmella had just found out about Furio leaving for Italy, and she herself was talking about how Mr. Wegler was probably gay?

That's probably what got Tony and AJ thinking he's fruity.


Carm's Gay Comment

Carmela's anger regarding Tony's comments concerning Wegler's sexual orientation seemed to be directed not only at Tony but also at her self. It was her who the night before spoke to father Intentola about her initial perceptions about Wegler. Her perception of Wegler was that he was gay because he was one of those intellectual types, and this is exactly what she accuses Tony of doing. I think her anger is displaced and maybe she is mad at herself more than she is at Tony for sharing some of the same bias and narrow minded thoughts.<img src= ALT=":evil">

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