Could Christopher and Meadow become a couple?

Thinking about future plot twists based on the current storylines and one comes out that seems plausible. Christopher and Meadow becoming a couple. Adriana is an FBI informant and Christopher thinks she cheated on him with Tony. My guess is Adriana doesn't last out the season one way or another.

This leaves Christopher alone and embittered, secretly hating Tony. We also saw in episode 5, that Meadow sometimes hangs out at his club. So what if they became a couple? Yes, it would be incest, but they are second or third cousins or something and in some religions thats okay. It also plays just like the Godfather Part III, where Michael Corleone's daughter falls for Sonny's illegitimate son.

Meadow has always had a secret crush on Christopher, she sees her dad in Christopher and she's as attracted to him as she is repulsed by him. Christopher senses the attraction and decides to act on it. Why? Because he secretly hasn't forgiven Tony for episode 5 and wants to get back at him. Of course Tony, like Pacino in the movie, would never approve of Meadow and Christopher as a couple. He'd see it as further destruction of his family. He'd go to any lengths to stop the relationship from going forward. He'd tell Christopher that "the price he has to pay for the life he wants as Tony's future succesor is to give up his daughter"

But Tony will have already taken Adriana away from him, so will Christopher let him take away yet another woman in his life? Will Meadow figure out that Christopher is just using her to get back at Tony?

Tune in next season maybe!


Could Christopher and Meadow become a couple?

WTF....what series have you been watchin.<img src= ALT=":lol"> <img src= ALT=":lol"> <img src= ALT=":lol">

This would NEVER happen for many reasons, one of which you have already listed in your post. The fact they are cousins already puts a flaw in your assumptions. The way Tony is about his family and his "Family" , that kinda thing just would'nt fly

"It also plays just like the Godfather Part III, where Michael Corleone's daughter falls for Sonny's illegitimate son"

everybody on these boards has praised this show for its originality...there would be no reason for D. Chase to do something like this, let alone pull it from the Godfather...

references to the GF saga in the show by the characters is one actually pull plot lines (and one of the weakest and most non-believable one in the whole GF series IMHO) is out of character in the show.

Also remember in Season one how paranoid Chris was about selling speed to Meadow and Hunter...he thought it was the reason for his first mock execution. He does not REALISTICALLY go from that to screwing his uncle/cousin's daughter, no matter how angry or suspicious he is of Tony.

"Meadow has always had a secret crush on Christopher, she sees her dad in Christopher and she's as attracted to him as she is repulsed by him."

<img src= ALT=":eek"> <img src= ALT=":eek"> <img src= ALT=":eek"> <img src= ALT=":eek"> like I said...what series have YOU been watchin?

So, in conclusion of this rant....this simply would NOT happen

BTW- this is from the guy who suggested that Chris whacked out a FBI agent last episode <img src= ALT=";)"> <img src= ALT=";)"> <img src= ALT=";)">


Re: Could Christopher and Meadow become a couple?

Actually Chase has already borrowed a lot from the Godfather saga. For example:

1. In the Godfather saga, brother Fredo betrays Michael, and he has him killed, in a boat in the middle of the water, and is haunted by it forever after. Tony Soprano finds out that Big Pussy, who is like his brother, has betrayed him, and kills him. In a boat, in the middle of the water. And has been haunted about it ever since.

2. In the Godfather sage, Michael Coreleone's wife leaves him just as the heat gets turned way up, causing Michael to have an emotional crisis. Carmela leaves Tony, setting up Tony's emotional crisis this season. In both cases, Michael and Tony think their wives should be happy playing their role, and the wives are too independent and headstrong to keep doing so.

3. Michael and Kay Coreleone have two kids, a boy and a girl. The boy is named Anthony and the boy was especially close to Fredo. Tony and Carmela have two kids, a boy and a girl. The boy is named Anthony, and he was especially close to Big Pussy, who was his godfather.

4. Michael Corleone has a sister, Connie, who becomes rebellious, and hates him when he tries to be a father figure to her and give her advice, and when he has her husband killed. But she later comes back and accepts her role as Michael's sister. Tony Soprano has a sister, Janice, who is rebellious and hates him when he tries to be a father figure to her and give her advice. Tony later orders Janice's fiancee killed. The only difference is that Janice kills him before Tony's guys get a chance to. She later stops being rebellious and returns to the family to play her role. The similarities are all there.

And there are other similarities. I just don't think it was unintentional that Meadow shows up at the club in the last episode, and I don't think the Adriana/FBI storyline can play out much longer. Christopher and Meadow are close enough in age and in the same place, it all fits. And if Meadow gets whacked in the final episode, well that fits too since Michael Corleone's daughter was also killed.

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Chris and Meadow...

ok...I'll give you points 1 and 2. I CAN see the GF inspiration for the fredo/Michael and Tony/Big Pussy. and I definitely see the Kay Corleone/ Carmela Soprano analogies...but AJ/Pussy and Fredo/Anthony don't click and eiether does the Connie/Carlo thing and Janice/Ritchie thing.

you can't really say fredo and anthony were close any more than you can say aj and pussy were both versions, the audience only sees one or two episodes where the 2 interact...a familarity or familial respect can be implied, but to say they were especially close is stretching.

also, the connie/carlo thing and janice/ritchie thing is similar but not as close as you think. first Tony didn't order Ritchie's murder...Janice popped him in a fit of rage. Second, connie returned to the Corleone family after their mom died to wholeheartedly try and help, (ultimately becoming a quasi-consigliaire to Michael in 3) Janice came home in the hopes of freeloading ,searching for Livia's hidden stash of cash and jewelry, and basically looking to help herself.

Besides all are forgetting about Meadow/Chris's relationship prior to your suggestion...answer is it's NON-EXISTANT. Off the top of my head I can remember Meadow and Chris in the same room 2 or 3 times. Once in Chris's apt w/ Brendan and Ade, next in Meadow's room giving her the speed, and maybe at Livia's funeral.

There are probably more instances I can't really recall, like at Vesuvio's, or at jackie jr.'s funeral. The closest she's been to Chris this season is going to the Crazy Horse, and even then only Ade was there....
you can't really be serious about this man..... <img src= ALT=":lol">


Re: Chris and Meadow...

Couple of points:

1. Tony did in point of fact order Richie Aprile's murder. He gives the order, but before the order is carried out, Janice kills him herself.

2. In the Godfather II, Fredo is about to go fishing with Anthony right before he dies. In the Godfather III, Michael's son Anthony tells him that he'll never be in his business and is quite adamant about it. He leaves the room, and Michael asks Kay, "why is he doing this?", and Kay says, "because Anthony knows that you killed Fredo. Its strongly implied, Anthony was close to Fredo and will never forgive his father for having him killed.

In the Sopranos, Big Pussy stands Godfather to AJ at his confirmation. I believe it will come out that AJ has hidden suspicions or feelings about what happened to Big Pussy.

And I'm dead serious, I think having Meadow get involved with Christopher is the perfect way to draw her into the goings on of Tony's "family" The family and the "family" finally becoming directly intertangled. They've hardly done anything with Meadow at all in the first six episodes. I beileve they are saving her for this major arc, and the confrontation in the last episode between Tony and Christopher was setting it up


Re: Chris and Meadow...

There is no way this will ever happen ...

1 - When has AJ ever said one word about Big Pussy since he got whacked? Shown sorrow over it?

Fredo was discovered as having been murdered (ultimately people discovered Michael's involvement)

Pussy's disappearance has been widely accepted as of having gone into the Witness Protection Program and will likely remain so ... especially with no trace of his body.

2 - Godfather 3 was the biggest piece of crap ever made. Hollywood trash invented strictly to make so money. It strays so far from the book that it's insulting to include Mario Puzo's name on it ... especially since in the book you continue to follow Lucy Maccini's life (Sonny's mistress) and she never has his kid.

3 - Why would David Chase rip off the Godfather? He seems to go out of his way to through twists in. He damaged Chris/Ade's relationship when everyone is just waiting for her to get killed. Creating an entirely new possibility of her being dumped by Chris and not getting whacked as everyone though.

Come on this theory is just dumb


Re: Chris and Meadow...

mrmuddywaters, I think you are desperately trying to grasp for some validity to your wildy imaginative and random theories about the relationship between these characters (Chris, Meadow, AJ, and Pussy). Cool ideas man; write a fanfiction or something. They are completely implausible, and continuing to insist that they may be otherwise will only serve to lessen your credibility. Not trying to bash here, just trying to help a brother out. <img src= ALT=":D"> Discontinuance would be most prudent.

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