That's a good point HBOaficionado. Unless memory serves me wrong, the closest Silvio came to a "B" plot was the episode last season about Columbus Day. And even then it wasn't all that big.


Re: silvio

I also have wanted to see Silvio with his own plot. Other than the Columbus Day episode, the only other time they even showed his own "situation" was the time he had a nightmare about killing Pussy, and sought Tony's counsel to make sure they "did the right thing." But that still wasn't even his own plot.


The Old Crew

I agree: There's nothing I like more than watching the core crew busting each other's chops while stuffing their faces and drinking wine.

Actually, Uncle Jun has always been featured inconsistenly in all four previous seasons: There have often been episodes when he wasn't on at all.

As for Silvio, he's one of my favorite characters and I'd hate it if he ever got whacked or went to jail. But let's face it, Stevie Van Zant is not exactly a top-notch actor, and so I don't know how many in-depth plots he'd be able to pull off; he's better at being in with a group of people coming up with his classic Silvio-esque lines and mannerisms in small doses.

As for Paulie, he has been featured quite a bit this season, which I think is always a good thing.

And you can't get more "old school" than Feech. Too bad he's not on the show anymore.


Re: The Old Crew

I like Uncle Jun. Paulie is hillarious without even trying but Jun just is such a smart ass I love his humor. Paulie just says silly stuff all the time that makes me laugh out loud like "they are all meat eaters" but Jun is always being serious and its so funny like when he made that face when eating Feech's dandylion salad and Tony told him the dandylions where from where everyone took the dogs to piss. Also loved him when he said "Im not a cat, I dont sh*t in a box". He funny.

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