Where are the old crew?

The main problem that I have with this season is the amount of screen time that has been dediacted to Silivo, Paulie and Junior. These three guys to me are one of the core eliements of the show, but how much of Silvio have we seen so far. Junior has had about 1 min screen time in the last two eps, Paulie hasn't had much more. These guys are strong character roles that are being left by the wayside.

In preivous seasons to me it felt like a real mans club. Big Pussy, Silvio, Paulie, Hesh, Chris, Furio, Junior, Bobby, Patsy,(Richie/Ralph) all in one room drinking, eating, busting each others balls. There has been very little of this the season it all just feels just a little bit lacking so far.

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good timing

I feel the exact same way. I miss "the guys". I have too much testosterone in my blood to watch Carmela "get her thing on" for half a show.

David Chase always addresses our needs as viewers, albeit in surprising ways. I've yet to be disappointed when I was about to get to my boiling point. For this reason, I have a strong feeling the next episode or the one after will concentrate heavily on the boys and their business.

I hope.


Re: girl

I agree totally that "the good ol' boys" haven't gotten enough screen time so far this season. In the case of Sil at least we know why: because Steven Van Zandt was away on tour with Bruce Springsteen during most, if not all, of the filming of this season.


Where is the old crew?

Just as long as they don't start to focus on Bobby and Janice. The one thing I did not like at all about last season was all the attention that was paid to the grieving Bobby. It dragged and did not hold my interest at all. I fear that they will really dip into marital discord between Bobby and Janice later this season. I wouldn't mind it as a small side-plot, but....

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