Re: Tony's car chase

I looked back at this preview and I honestly think the guy Tony is chasing is an innocent civilian. Looking back, it seems Tony is driving his SUV and tries to pass an accident at an intersection. He swerves left, nearly missing a car. Then either the other car driver or Tony (or both) go into a little Road Rage where Tony eventually ends it.


road rage

Perhaps it is just a civilian (as mentioned above) and Tony just gets caught up in a bit of road rage. This would play along with this season's theme of trying to convince the viewers that Tony is a scumbag, and not the character we all want to love.


Re: I hope its Wegler.......

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>I don't like him at all and never did but after he talked so vulgar to Carm I hope he is dead meat. He could have broke it off with Carm without talking so disrespectful to her. Maybe she did use him but a grown man should not be talking to a woman like that. <hr></blockquote>

You got it, Wissy. You got it.

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