Tony losing control of his family

Hope this hasn't been posted already (I checked, but I have A.D.D.!)

Anyhow, the scene from this episode that stood out for me was the "family" meeting between Tony, AJ and Carmella -- the balance of power seemed to firmly rest with her within that gathering. She had the power to decide if AJ would come back, and scrutinized them both. They were at her mercy.

Maybe it has been that way awhile, after all she threw Tony out. But Tony's pathetic comments after the meeting, as she was rummaging thru the refrigerator (and he stated meekily how they "played" it well, how the time AJ spent with Tony would prove to be good, as if he had any control over the situation at all) was especially telling. She didn't even give him the courtesy of a disagreement or even acknowledgement, she just ignored him altogether. He seemed very exposed at that moment.


totally agree...

Yeah, I agree. Didn't it seem like when Carm was reading AJ the riot act she could have been saying the same thing to Tony? At that moment he looked like he would have agreed to the rules and come home too!!


Re: Tony losing control of his family

I agree re who was holding the power in that scene.

But something else struck me immediately when Tony followed her into the kitchen. For about the 4th time this season, he really looked like he was trying to initiate some kind of reconciliation with her. But Tony is so bad at emotional honesty when it concerns anything "touchy, feely" and so unwilling to admit his own culpability for anything that he has to talk around it.

He was awkardly rubbing the counters, interposing the laughable idea that AJ has changed because of his time with Tony, and trying to prolong his encounter with Carmela in hopes that she'd give him the time of day, which, of course, she didn't. His defeated posture and gait as he finally left the room spoke volumes.

It reminded me of their awkard moment in Vesuvio during Tony B's welcome home party. He clearly wanted to speak to her, to say something warm. And she clearly lingered to give him the opportunity to do so, but once again he wasn't up to the task.

He told Tony B in their phone conversation later that ep that "she thinks [getting back together] is all up to her and she goes from zero to b---- anytime I try to show any warmth". I guess warmth to Tony equals nervously rubbing his eyes, shifting his weight, giving furtive glances, and fondling counter tops, LMAO.

I also noted the silent way he came upon her in "Sentimental Education" (when she was at the sink) and just stood there staring at her without her knowing. Of course this time he was there for the all-important activity of swimming. But his frequent trips to that house are beginning to look more and more like excuses to be around Carmela.

Funny, he's not the strong, silent type when it comes to cursing someone out or telling them how bad THEY are or what terrible things THEY'VE done (his diatribe at Janice, as a striking recent example). But he's practically mute when it comes to admitting his own failings or articulating his love for someone else. He even has the incredible cheek (capacity for delusion?) to say that the reason he and Carm are separated is because of Carmela's nagging.

Gawd I hope Melfi can help him make inroads in at least this narrow aspect of his life, help him find the honesty and humility to talk to Carmela just one time about the real issues in their marriage. It's classic tragedy, I know, but I can't stand to see him destroying the best things about his life because of his own failings.



What have any respect for Tony Soprano? He's a mobster that steals, cheats, kills, and in general, ruins normal peoples lives to better himself and for greed.

It's odd how a show like the Sopranos can change people allegiances and make them root for the bad guys and boo the good guys.



I agree Fly, that family meeting scene showed how Tony is now a bit of an outsider when it comes to family matters. He still plays an active role, but he is definitely out of the inner-circle....although he appears to want back in. Notice how when he was in the kitchen with Carmela he told her - "We played that just right."

I wouldn't be surprised if somewhere down the road he blurts out - "Look, can't we just go back to the way it was!?!?"

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