Father Intentola

I apologize in advance if this was mentioned in other posts earlier.

Interesting scene at the restaurant when Carm and Fr. Intentola are having lunch. We see him waving for the black pepper and as the waiter sprinkles the pepper he asks Fr. Intentola when to stop. The scene ends with the waiter continuing to sprinkle the pepper and no mention from the priest to stop.

I initially interpreted this as Fr. Intentola simply being upset and jealous of Carm's interest in Wengler that he wasn't paying attention to how much black pepper was actually sprinkled on his pasta. However, could this be some further insight into Fr. Intentola's own flawed and hypocritical character ?

Perhaps this scene further accentuates his glutton-type personality that we have known him for, especially in Season 1. Here we have him preaching to Carmela to show control, suppress her sexual desires and adhere to her oath of marriage. Yet, we get a hint of him not showing self-control with his pepper scene. Is he a glutton and a hypocite?


Father Intentola

I am so glad that you have introduced this thread. Parallels between Fr. Intentola and Wegler have been drawn in "Carmela's Denial" thread, but I think that your impression, in fact, warrants its own discourse. It was disturbing, but not surprising, for me, also, to observe the "entitled" attitude we saw in Father Intentola. He reminded me of numerous spoiled and pampered diocesan priests, who by virtue of being assigned cushy posts, end up being indulged by wealthy parishioners. He is a wonderful example of the clergyman, who accepts a vow of poverty, but to a certain degree, sits in the lap of luxury. I thought that he was arrogant with the waiter. His supercilious attitude was all the more evident in contrast to the previous conversation regarding "pampers for the poor"...immediately followed by his pratically snapping his fingers for the waiter's attentions.

In old Catholicism "indulgences" were sold to those who could afford "exonerations from sin." It is this theme of "indulgences for sale" that reminds me of Father Intentola and the relationships he cultivates with those parishioners who can "afford" him....

On another point you raised: You are right; he did not stop the waiter from cranking out the pepper. I was rather thinking that FI was caught up in thought/preoccupation (jealousy, perhaps) regarding his being replaced in Carm's life by Wegler.


Re: Father Intentola

I agree that Father Intentola is about as hypocritical as anyone on this show.

Specifically concerning the pepper, I interpreted his waving the waiter over and letting him continue to grind away while he sat in silence to be a delay tactic to confronting the unanswerable question Carmela had just put to him ("I don't understand this . . . didn't He put the need there?).

The power of religion, Christianity included, lies in the capacity of its followers for faith. Reason is inherently antagonistic to faith, and the more a religious leader or adviser is asked to explain something rationally, particularly when that adviser's own prior tenets or rationales are invoked in new circumstances and the internal logical inconsistencies revealed, the more they squirm. So I just thought he didn't have a good answer and was trying to divert attention away from that fact. (BTW I'm Christian, but I do my best not to analyze why.:-))


Re: Father Intentola

YES, to all...the other thing that bothered me a bit was the addition of the personal into the confessional box. Fr. Intentola didn't keep it strictly "business"....a conversation among friends is one thing, but I thought some petty jealousies still lingered even when he put on the purple stole.
And the penance of "doing something nice" for Tony? And the storming out of the confessional on his part?


The confessional & lunch unprofessional

To me, the beheavor of Fr. Intertola in the Confessional and at the lunch with Carm was un-professional and (in real life would) be possibly in violation of his sacred bond with the Church and God as a Priest. I went to Catholic school 1-7th grades, and always believed that the confessional was to be anonimous, that the priest could not or should not know whom is giving their confession and the the confessor could confess in anonamity also. This unprofessional beheavor continues with him having lunch with Carm. It is almost like confession there too! The priest has some problems with his need to repress his sexual feelings for women required by his being a priest (although better than for little boys!). Carm isn't innocent either in that she craves attention and care from a man, even if that man cannot respond sexually.


Re: Father Intentola

"The power of religion, Christianity included, lies in the capacity of its followers for faith."- Here I must disagee. Read some Christian Apologists for answers that are grounded in fact not faith.

As for FI- he just did not HAVE the answers. I don't get the feeling that he takes his faith all to seriously himself- so why should he be prepaired to have some serious answers? He puts on as much of a front as Carm or any others- I think it's all about the position of being a priest, the power and popularity- not the faith<img src=http://www.ezboard.com/images/emoticons/eyes.gif ALT=":rolleyes">



Personally, I just feel more comfortable face to face, always have, if I go behind the screen I feel like I am hiding something plus I talk to my priest sometimes so I feel very comfortable with him. I go face to face with my priest and we always talk about my personal issues like sometimes my anger since jt always relates to some of my sins. You dont have to go anonomously, there has always been an option.

I don't think the way Carm and Fr. Phil discussed things was out of line at all. She just wasnt' sorry. She went in there to confess but she was not really sorry at all and she knew she was going to do it again.

They never get Confession right in the movies or TV. There was no Act of Contrition or Absolution by the priest therefore why did he give her a penance of "Do something nice for Tony?" He never said "I absolve thee from thy sins in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit Amen." Also.....In an unworthy confession no sins are forgiven.

Makes no sense to this Catholic. I just went to confession about 2 weeks ago. A real confession would have included the above mentioned therefore it was not like it really happens.

As far as Fr. Phil and his feelings about women I think he is just human. People forget these priests are human. When they recieve their holy orders they become the spouse of Christ. They are human still though and most are heterosexual. Most of the abuse on kids you read about ARE IN FACT the homosexual priests. They were let in after the Vatican II. I feel they never should have been let in and therefore its why the church has so many of the problems it has today.

The fact the media has pounded on this story so much has many non-Catholics believing all priests are like this and this is so NOT true and I hate all the jokes people like to make about priest kind of like the one in a post a few up about "good for all the little boys." You see the liberal media wants you to believe all that and when someone makes a comment like that its exactly what they want. If we went on TV and talked about Muslims or Jews like that its not PC but its always okay to attack the Catholics and Christians.

Im getting way, way off topic here but if you want to read a scary book read "Death of the West" by Pat Buchanan. It goes over a little of this. You may want to read it if you dont want your kids chanting in a Mosque in about 25 years. Quite scary about the Muslim plan to take over the world. Its very scary because some of these things are really already happening...

Anyway, There are as many pedophiles and molesters across the board of all religions and it has been shown in studies.

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