Tony B. is going to overthrow Tony S?

I do believe Tony S. set up Tony B.(car mysteriously drops off money were he was walking, Tony S crew clung to him for days to make sure he spent all the money, and Tony's last comment.) But what happens if Tony B. finds out that he was set up to re-join the "LIFE"?

But anyhow Tony B is a better choice as right hand man than Chris...He is more mature, intellegent, and can keep Tony in check. Remember it was Tony B. that stopped Tony from killing Chris by using his intellect to solve the problem.

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about Tony B

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>But what happens if Tony B. finds out that he was set up to re-join the "LIFE"?<hr></blockquote>
First, there was no proof of that ,and second, Tony B is adult who makes his own decisions. Can you picture him saying: "Gee Tony, I'm gonna kill you for giving me money. If you hadn't known that some free money is gonna drive me back to the life, I'd be a massage-therapist."

I'll drink a jug of my own p*ss if Tony S set Tony B p. I'll post pictures to proove it.


Re: Tony B. is going to overthrow Tony S?

It might also be that Tony B never really wanted to leave the life...the moneybag just made the return quicker whether it was god or fate or Tony S's men who chucked it and the crank into the bushes.

It might have seemed like a good idea but once he really started doing the work for it--studying, fixing up the place, etc--he found it wasn't as glamorous as being up til 4am high stakes gambling, or hanging with topless girls.

And it was from the get-go that he wanted to hang with the bad boys. Feech gave him the money for the first poker game. The goumba shoes. You can't go legit and love the old life that much--anymore than he could go legit and hang everynight with the guys.



<blockquote>Quote:<hr> All right, Eruptus. Let's see the pictures. <hr></blockquote>
I meant that I'll post pics to prove that I'm drinking my own p*ss.

BTW, has there ever been these "whodunnit" -situations in The Sopranos? I mean a kind of situation where audience is left guessing (like 'who shot JR' in Dallas), and then the situation is resolved later. I don't think that there has ever been, so I'm pretty sure that this "setting Tony B up" -situation isn't meant to be resolved.

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Reply nobody held a gun to blundetto's head

Nobody forced him to do anything but somebody gave him enough money to have a taste of his old life! I mean real drug dealers who are trying to ditch drugs because they are being chased do not ditch it while there are witnesses.

I take that back, i saw it happen once on Cops but the witnesses flagged down the cops and pointed out where they threw it out at....wait where were the sirens if what Tony B. said was right?

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