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Upon first seeing the promo for "Sedimental Education" that was attached to "Irregular Around the Margins", I was stoked to say the least. Finally we had an episode that centers around Tony B. As I look through this thread I notice that this episode is getting mixed reviews. I really can't see how so many people don't like this episode. I myself thought it was good. Though it is no "University" (one of my fav all time episodes), I was happy how it turned out.

Perhaps the reason people don't like this episode so much is because it succeeds "Irregular Around the Margins" which we all agree was among the best episodes of Sopranos. When the episode started our expectations were so high because "Irregular Around the Margins" was so great. That is why a lot of people didn't like this episode. Their stakes were too high and were expecting a lot more.

But enough about you shmucks. I loved this episode. Again, it's not as great as past episode 6s like "University" and "The Happy Wanderer" but it definitely takes third. I sat last night on my couch watching Carmela and realizing how much of a hypocrite she is. She really revealed herself in this episode as someone who in reality is on Tony's level as far as marital commitment goes. Sure she doesn't sleep around as much as Tony, but she had deeper feelings for Wegler. Her feelings for Wegler went a lot deeper than Tony's feelings for any of his goomahs. Of course, Carmela gets shot down twice in this episode. Once by her priest, Father Intintola, and second by her "boyfriend" Robert Wegler.

Throughout all the seasons of Sopranos, I hated Father Intintola. He was like the sleezy lawyer who tries to turn all our badass mobsters into sissies. But finally he does something good when he shoots Carmela down during confession. (God I hope this guy doesn't die tomorrow on 24). Anyway, I just relished how Carmela keeps hurting herself when it comes to relationships. As for Wegler, I knew watching "Sedimental Education" that this guy'll be dead...soon. I hope this moron gets his. If there's one thing that Sopranos does best, it's bringing out the emotion in people. Whether it be Ralphie beating a stripper to death, Meadow dating a black student, or someone getting whacked, we all feel a certain way. This episode really brought out my hatred for Wegler and Carmela.

Enough about them. The episode for me was all about Tony B. His dream of going legit and running a massage palor collapses when he finally snaps and realizes how hard it is to stay clean and be a civilian. All I really have to say is that I'm happy he's back in the game and come to his senses.

Cipriani's Rating:
**** (out of 5)


another good epsiode

My take is that this was another good episode. Probably the weakest episode of the season so far but considering the quality of this season that's not really criticism.

I thought the Carmella storyline was great. I do feel sorry for Carm even though she largely has herself to blame. She shouldn't expect Father Phil to sympathize with her after all they have been through. I do think she really did like Wegler and her manipulation of him to help AJ was at most subconscious.

The Tony B storyline was more original than I had expected from the preview. I think it will play out nicely particularly if Tony B remains somewhat ambivalent about his choice to re-join the life.

I did find the plot point of him finding a big sack of money to be too contrived though. I don't see if the writers wanted him to come into a bunch of cash to remind him of the things that he liked about being a gangster, they couldn't have just had him win big at the casino? I guess that's kinda unlikely also but not as much as just happening upon a big wad of cash from random drug dealers.

I assume that the Ade/Chris/Tony thing will come up again soon but it is seemed apparent that the dinner scene at the end of the last episode did a least temporarily patch things up amongst Tony's crew.

I am always disappointed when Melfi isn't involved but hopefully she will play a bigger role soon.

Finally, I would like to see more involvement of Meadow in the series. This season, of the two children, they are focusing on AJ, but I still wish Meadow could be featured more. I don't think she has done anything of consequence so far this season.

Maybe she is really getting out of the family mindset which will be good for her. Kinda like what Tony's sister Barbara did.


Re: Cipriani's two cents

Just wanted to put my two cents in and say that this wasn't the worst episode this season. 'Rat Pack' was the worst, by far. I also liked this one slightly better than 'Where's Johnny?'. 'Sentimental Education' was well written and well directed. i especially loved Christopher's inspirational quote about fear knocking on the door and the Korean 'dog food' joke Chris made in front of Kim's daughter. Classic stuff. Great job, Mr. bogdanovich!


seeing is believing

As I live in hungary i am far from seeing anything from this season. but this is a bit unbelieveable...
Why would Tony need Tony B?
How come Tony S is not worried about B eventually becoming a rat?
this sounds like too much like the movie The Game...


3 of 5/average

To me this was overall an average episode.
Best: The plotline of Tony B back to the 'life'. This is something that most fans here expected, and makes sense to the overall plotlines of the show. There are questions as to if his return, including the cash he found, the truck theft, etc were set up by Tony S., but going to the casino, the card games, wanting to wear fancy clothes, being with the 'gang', being involved with the 'disipline' of Chris last week all showed signs of his addiction to and eventual return to the life.
Worst: Not enough Tony S and too much time on Carm fooling around with the counsular. Yes, there is something important about the 'affair' to the overall plotline of the show and Carm's character, but here made Carm look like a jerk. Both Carm and the counsuler were guilty about their actions, especially after the teacher made the comment of AJ a mobsters son.
The previews start to show what seems to be the start of the war of Tony S v. Sack. Can't wait for that plotline!<img src= ALT=":D">


Good Edie Falco showcase

I watched it again tonight and liked it more than I did at first, if only because it allowed Edie Falco to show her range, from the nervous first date to wounded (and dangerous) spurned lover.

I like the mob storylines, especially those that show how the mob exists in suburbia or modern culture, or for the absurd lengths in which they settle disputes (Paulie hauling off a lawnmower as downpayment), but I also like the acting so this one was Ok (though not as superb as last week's show).

Best line: Carmella to the priest -- "Funny thing is, I was sure he was gay. He sort of reminded me of you ... "


re: seeing is believing

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>Why would Tony need Tony B?<hr></blockquote>
He's probably a good earner and he used to be "a rising star" in the mob. He's also really close to Tony, because he's like a brother to him.

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>How come Tony S is not worried about B eventually becoming a rat?<hr></blockquote>
If he was afraid of that, he might as well be afraid of all the other guys. Tony B did 15 years in the jail and never ratted anyone. He's also Tony's cousin, so he's more reliable than a lot of other guys.



"Is it possible that evntually Tony B will take the family position that Tony needs in giving out orders instead of Chris?"

That seems to be what most people think.

In addition to what people said about the on-the-nose dialogue being too pat (i.e. characters always saying exactly what they mean), and the fact that the Carmine-Sack war has up to this point been almost completely ignored, and the strange continuity issues (how come Adrianna's face is completely fine?? - although I guess we don't know how much time is passed), and the unbelievability of Tony B just finding a bag of crack and cash... I had a hard time following the Tony B - Sungyon Kim storyline. I just couldn't understand Kim! Like literally - I couldn't tell what he was saying. Took every ounce of my concentration to decipher. Won't have time to watch the ep again... can someone please post their take on exactly what happened - why the hell did Tony beat him?

Thought David Strathairn was awesome. Enough of AJ's problems already.


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