More "gay" preoccupation this ep

For those keeping track, there was more of that heightened gay awareness on the show this ep. That hilarious kitchen conversation between Carm and Tony was the most pointed yet and strongly smelled of foreshadowing, what with Carmela calling Tony out on his obviously faulty claim that "he knows one when he sees one" and her counter that he hasn't a clue and relies on stereotypes (which she'd also relied on initially, LMAO). Especially interesting was her challenge that he must have some latent fear about himself since he's so preoccupied with it.

Well, I think we all know Tony doesn't have some latent fear about himself . . .


My thoughts

I liked this episode, although it probably was 'the least good' episode this year. Somehow I felt really sad for Carm and Tony B.

I felt sad for Tony B, because he really busted his a$$ to become a massage-therapist, only to mess it all up. I guess that the money was more of a curse than a blessing. It's not surprising to see him getting back to business, because he's been hanging around mobsters all the time.

The Carmela-scenes were really sad. I'm pretty sure that Carm had the right reasons to date Bob Wegler, but because of the other 'influence', (Tony, Intintola) she probably questioned her motives also. I had nearly forgot how much of an idiot Father Intintola was. You could clearly see how jealous he was, when Carm talked about Wegler.

All in all, this was the first 'average' episode this year. Still no sign of Johnny Sack, Junior or Melfi. They should really bring back these characters. Anyway, I'm still betting that this'll be the best season ever.


Re: w0w

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>I thought Tony S. might also have meant that Tony B. shouldn't have been surprised that he couldn't work with his legitimate, Korean boss . . . because "it's hard to do business with strangers". <hr></blockquote>

I'm pretty sure that's what it meant...



First of this is my first post here ... be checking this board out every week since season 5 started and I figured i should start contributing a little.

I can't believe you guys are trying to paint Tony out to be involved in his cousin's return to crime. Tony has always been very caring towards his family. He's forgiven Chris countless times, when a smarter boss would have had him eliminated. They've tried so hard this season to establish the bond between Tony B. and Tony S. (smuggling sperm out of jail, talking about their childhood together). Why would Tony be able to accept that thee mob life isn't suitable for his son and not his cousin whom he grew up with? Why would he get Tony B. a legit job and help him towards living a clean life, only to manipulate him behind the scenes. Not helping him find work and leaving him to get rejected over and over because he's an ex-con would certainly have pushed Tony B. along in the right direction. Then the thing that gets me the most is when Chris brought up that Tony B. could whack Jack Masarone, Tony S. blows up and yells at him for not loving his cousin and respecting his decision.

So I really don't think Tony was involved ... especially when the truck jacking was just some kids on a joy ride.

As for Carmela, I'm glad she got called out on her actions. I do feel that in this case she was used and probably not to guilty, I just hate her double standards. She's no saint and can't understand why people prop her up and defend her. For all of Tony's infidelities Carmela would have slept with all these people (the priest, the wallpaper guy, Furio) had they not pushed her off. When she suspects Tony of cheating on her she's cold as ice, insulting the way he earns his way in the world and so fourth. Yet when he gives her want she wants (a summer home, coat, trust fund) she suddenly fills with love for him right then and there. Carmela is manipulative and hardly a saint or a good person (except in loving her children but so does Tony). I think they tried to reinforce it with her father's silence. She knew what she was getting with Tony S. and she walked in with full knowledge and lived it up making all her materialistic desires come true.

All in all this episode let me down a bit, should have touched a little on Chris, Aide & Tony S. instead of all the dating crap.

Also for the person that made the comment about throwing money out the car with the drugs. The most obvious thing this show teaches in dealing with police is that they are corrupt. There are several reasons as to why they would throw the money out. The one I am going with is this ... the cops would steal it. We can only speculate, but let's say they were seen making a drug deal and took off driving. They have these charges:

Possesion/Distribution of Crack/Cocaine
Refusing Arrest
Reckless Driving

Let's say they run 3 or 4 lights for the sake of adding some more charges. When the cops catch em ... they surely can't explain where that kind of money comes from. So the money disappears and certain charges disappear as well.

This kind of thing happens more than you'd like to believe ... trust me



There's another potential reason for dropping the cash - the police can seize large amounts of cash when they find it on suspects. The suspects then have to prove that the cash is the result of a legitimate source in order to get it back (this has been mentioned on The Wire and other police shows).


Re: Cash

Allow me to chime in here and say that I completely agree with Mafia00 and others who believe that Tony S. had nothing to do with the events that led to Tony B.'s return to the Family.

First of all, as others have pointed out, it would take a ridiculous stretch of the imagination to believe that Tony S. engineered the money bag sequence. Okay, the guy's crafty... but c'mon I think we all know he isn't that clever nor can (or would, for that matter) he micromanage police and pretend drug dealers simultaneously just to slightly influence his cousin.

The other event, the truck jacking, I admit could plausibly be arranged by Tony S. The show however gave no indicators that he did, and in the past this show usually at least drops a hint when we're supposed to know something (and I consider myself a fairly attentive viewer).

Most importantly however, was Tony B.'s behaivor after getting that wad of cash. How is Tony S. supposed to predict, to a T, the actions of Blundetto? For instance, staying up all night gambling, then knocking the crap of his would-be business partner. That was pretty random.

I think the motive is there, and its fun to think that Tony S. is some kind of Michael Corleone that would orchestrate the whole thing, but in the end the argument falls flat. There's a million ways Tony B. could have fallen back into the "life", and by hanging around the guys it was just waiting to happen, and Tony S. knew it. He didn't have to pull any strings, he knew Blundetto would come to him. And he did, too. <img src= ALT="8)">

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Re: Cash & Carmela

I?ll address the cash. Maybe Tony S. did orchestrate it, either to tempt or just because he needed the $$. It would have been a crafty move. However, either way, Tony B. would have come back eventually, regardless of any outside influences. I was just surprised at how far he took the massage thing, e.g. setting up the office, etc.

Now with Carmela. Yep, Fr. Intintola was jealous.

But, this new liaison reminded me of the scene with Carm & Vic Musto, the painter, in season two. I was just analyzing how different both scenarios were and how Carm reacted to both.

Remember Carmela back then, was overcome with guilt, and it didn?t even go far. But with this liaison, she was blatantly giddy. Actually, I was very surprised, I thought she would flirt and leave it at that.

Old Maid


Re: Not Bad

ok, my 2 cents.... I enjoyed Carm trying to justify her actions- even despite the warnings of the priest- which in turn continue to bother her at times (when she wants them to??????)

I think they needed to keep it real with her finally getting some. I liked AJ's fight with T- "Someday I'm goin to kick your ass" LMAO- not on his best

Tony B's back- wither or not Tony S helped- I had a feeling he would not be able to hack the real world- the pressures, responsibilities, etc.... I was a bit suprised at his assult on his Korean boss, perhaps he just cracked?

Does anyone think that very good looking Korean girl will be back? Did you see Tony S's face when he first say her??

Who knows what's next.... <img src= ALT=":hat">


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