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<blockquote>Quote:<hr>I thought Tony S. said it is hard to do business with strangers b/c tony b. had been away from the game for so long <hr></blockquote>

I agree . . . that was the impression I got too.

OR, I thought Tony S. might also have meant that Tony B. shouldn't have been surprised that he couldn't work with his legitimate, Korean boss . . . because "it's hard to do business with strangers".



Worst of the season, relative to how GREAT every episode was before. It was a good episode, but not classic.

This episode was really just an insight into Carm's psyche, as well as a rebirth of sorts for Tony B. I love how the plot of the episode really followed Carm's own description of Madam Bouvary (sp?): "moving very slowly, little action," and Weggler's response: "it's her internal struggle..."

Pretty good, but not great. I personally want to slap AJ around. Man, he's just so annoying...

Oh, and what was up with the sudden outburst of Tony B's girl? She suddenly tells him that she's sick of his gambling and his whining, just a few days after telling him how sweet he is?



I was thinking it was an "average" episode till Carm started banging Mr. Wigler. That really shocked me, I was expecting Carm to just stay flirtous and drag it out. Or that's what I thought till she almost had her boobs hanging out in that one scene (not to mention the butt shot, she's put together well).

Now I think, I'd agree that Tony S plotted that money/drug bag thing. At first I thought it was tacky too, but after a while it made sense.



This is the first episode this season I was really disappointed in. I think Carmela grabbed the gun just so we could see that the grenade was gone. Tony B reverted to violence for no good reason, and he really wasnt very good at administering a butt whoopin'. Ro started crying about Little Lord F!!K Pants, and they spent a quarter of the frickin show in bed, or on dates,which could have been demonstrated in like 2 minutes. I didnt wait 7 days to get like three scenes with Tony! Oh, well, Im sure when the DVD comes out, I will appreciate it more, but now all I can do is wait til next Sunday.



This episode did one thing that the last episode didn't and that is not making more problems.

I anxious for next week. Some real damn buisness goes down. Killing, fighting, buisness. Not Carmella making empty threats through her weapon Tony.


Sentimental Education - review

Overall, I liked played out well except for the end where Tony B. hauls off and clocks Mr. Lee for no good reason, kinda like the way Chris hauled off and knocked out that guy in acting class.

I thought it was really cool how the episode's subtle things exposed the cracks in Tony B. and his failed attempt to go straight. The ones that killed me was where he was trying to carry those bundles of linens wearing those hand made loafers b/c he did'nt have time to change, being dead tired after work and after partying all night w/ the guys and THEN going to the massage parlor to fix that up...not to mention how he was complaining how he wasn't "good with details" regarding the business, etc. was really cool

But the best scene that displayed those subtle cracks was when Paulie, Chris, Eugene (and Vito i think) drop off Tony B. at work and then try to convince him to go out for some "steak and eggs"...the comment Paulie made about eating then catching "14 hours" of sleep and peeling off in his caddy leaving Tony B. to haul his half-drunk, half-assleep ass into work w/ the sound of the chainlink garage door slowly grinding upwards( the way this job, this civilian life was grinding on Tony B.) to let him is was CLASSIC sopranos.

Also it was interesting how when Tony B. told the twins to do their homework and started smashing the wall w/ the sledge, Tony saw that the kids were obviously more interested in what dad was doing than their studies...even more interesting, instead of telling the boys to go back to their homework...he schools them on the proper use of a sledgehammer( what he percievably knows best how to do, walls or otherwise).

as far as the Carmela/Wegler situation..I wasn't too suprised that she did what she did. I do agree w/ Wegler's assumptions about Carm being a user ( pillow talk always consisting of conversations about AJ's schoolwork, Wegler gettin some after he fixes AJ's grade...) it was pretty easy drawing the conclusion.

My opinion is that Carm IS smart and seeks out the strategic route when necessary (the Georgetown application for Meadow in Season 1 or 2, not sure and stealing $$$ from Tony last season ) what suprises me is how shocked she was when Wegler called her out on it...

her comment "you better watch your back!!!" makes me wonder if she's thinking of using Tony to get back at Wegler, similar to what Melfi was thinking when she almost told Tony about her rape...Maybe she'll tell Tony that Wegler got fresh or inappropriate with her. (Remember what happened to the wall in the poolhouse when Carm told Tony about Furio???)

Just a thought, take from it what you will...

Also, I kinda can see the connection w/ Tony and Tony B's linen truck gettin jacked...only so far as the comment Tony made to Artie about getting a bargin or a deal on linens for Nuevo Vesuvio. but the bag of crack and cash not really believable but LESS believable with Tony invovled.

Tony would have to had known when and where Tony B. and his girl would be taking a walk, followed them w/o being seen, then toss the bag. Besides, as Tony B.was picking up the bag and looking inside, you could HEAR police sierens pretty close in the background.

I think it would be more REALISTIC to think the car was involved in a botched traffic stop, the drivers were able to get at least a couple of blocks ahead of the pursuing cops, and ditched their stuff on a street they knew so they could come back and retrieve it after they eiether 1.) got away or 2.) make bail after they are caught. Kinda like something from "The Wire" or "The Shield".

Only thing that bothers me is why ditch the far as I know cash is not illegal no matter how much you got?? can't explain that one.

Besides that, I think this scenario is more believable than Tony S. orchastrating the whole thing...and the comment Tony made to Tony B. about doing business w/ strangers was him telling Tony B. that "Family" business was the only way to go and the only way Tony B. matter what happened in prison or how bad he wanted to go legit...

Just a thought, take from it what you will...

BTW - just another thought, what did u all think about how Tony B. looked worn down, beaten and defeated when he asked Tony about the swag air bags job...

To me, it was a mix of feelings, dissapointment b/c he was going back into "the life" and that of embarassment, a kinda "you were right" attitude. Buscemi played it well<img src= ALT=":hat">

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the drugs and money

Carlito Brigante wrote:

Tony would have to had known when and where Tony B. and his girl would be taking a walk, followed them w/o being seen, then toss the bag. Besides, as Tony B.was picking up the bag and looking inside, you could HEAR police sierens pretty close in the background.

Tony S. wouldn't have done it himself, he'd have hired people to drop the goods. Of course he had them followed, he has people followed all the time. Tony S. also has cops on the payroll who would be more than willing to show up a couple of blocks away and blare their sirens, to make Tony B. believe that stash was legitimately dropped.

But what really tells you that Tony S. orchestrated it, is that this event (the finding of that money) leads directly to the downfall of Tony B. and his return to the "life" Which is what Tony S. wants. The Sopranos is about the decline and fall of Tony Soprano, so every instance of one of the supporting characters declining in their own way is always traced back to Tony. Meadow is messed up because Jackie Jr. died, and Jackie Jr. wasn't killed by negro drug dealers, he was killed by people who worked for Tony. Carmela can't have a normal relationship now because Tony's gotten the attitudes of the "life" into her head. Christopher has fallen off the wagon because Tony was flirting with his girlfriend and .etc

If Tony B's fall from grace, his going back to the "life" had nothing to do with Tony S., was not in fact orchestrated by Tony S., than it wouldn't fit with everything else that has gone on in the show. Tony B. is going to end up dead or back in jail or something eventually, losing his kids and his wife, and who started the ball rolling in that direction? Has to be Tony Soprano. Because the show is about Tony Soprano. It is not about Carmela or Tony B. Their respective declines can only be related directly to Tony, can only be his fault, to fit in the overrall arc of the series.


Sentimental Education

first of all....hopefully it was UNDERSTOOD that Tony HIMSELF would'nt do this, jesus christ man.<img src= ALT=":rolleyes">

"Tony S. also has cops on the payroll who would be more than willing to show up a couple of blocks away and blare their sirens, to make Tony B. believe that stash was legitimately dropped."

you REALLY think T would have a couple of cops sit on a street and blare their sirens just to fool Tony B. I do concede T is a slick and cunning kinda guy...but c'mon would have to do all that just to get his cousin back in?

To me, Tony B. would have been headed back in no matter what...if it wasn't stashed drug $$, it would have been gambling, if it wasn't gambling, it would have been something else.

The hardest thing for ex-cons going straight is the return to their old enviorment, it triggers emotions and feelings that were tucked away or bottled up during their times of incarceration. It's like comming home from college for the start running with your old buddies, maybe an old girfriend, and it's like you never missed a beat.

I know the show is about Tony S., and I'm not saying that he did'nt have an effect of Tony B.'s return but to be involved in that in the way you are suggesting and others have too is to 1.) maybe give Tony S. TOO much credit and 2.) a bit too conspiratorial for my taste.

in closing...the "dots" you suggest just don't connect. <img src= ALT=":\">

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