Carmella Was the one to watch tonight

I'll write more later, but so far it seems that most of the TCA Trailer Clips are from this episode. Last film I saw from Peter Bogdanovich was "The Cat's Meow" and the direction in tonight's seems to be pretty good. A god episode so far, but the Blundetto thing hasn't been as exciting as I'm sure it's going to be, though Wegler's "He's a Sopranos kid" was priceless. I'm sure Blundetto will be interesting from the next few episodes.
Anyways, what does everyone think? I found the bag of drugs and money way too far fetched though.



In cmparing the episodes, this is a lot more Happy Wanderer, than University or Everybody Hurts, in being unbiased and comparing episodes from Season numbers. Though we knew the "gay" thing was coming with Tony.


the fall of Tony B

This episode was the fall of Tony B. Of course it is not hard to figure out where that money & drugs that fell into his hands came from. Tony Soprano lures Tony B back into the fold by giving him a taste. Once Tony B's had the money again, and is back out all night gambling and .etc, he no longer has the desire to stay "civilian" and open his massage parlor. Its too bad he beat up that japanese guy who was his boss, he was only trying to help him.

Also, how many episodes do you give AJ's guidance counselor before he gets whacked? Sleeping with Carmela was a VERY bad idea on his part!


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