Do you think Paulie wants to bury the hatchet?

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Re: Do you think Paulie wants to bury the hatchet?

I think Paulie knows he screwed up. Even if Chris started it by hitting the waiter with the brick. Paulie is the one who took an assault/battery and turned it into a murder 1. He knows if Tony finds out about it he will be in some DEEP S---!!! I think that he feels that if him and Chris are cool, then Chris may weather the story a little to help him. Just like the whole Russian thing, he made it seem like Paulie had no choice but to kill him. I personally think that he is more concerned with his own a$$ than his relationship with Christopher.



As I was watching that scene in the 'Bing - Paulie and Christopher retelling the PineBarrens story - and it escalated to screaming and yelling, I wondered to myself if this type of stuff didn't go on between Chris and Paulie everyday.

I mean ... it's been a year and a half since we last saw them. The way that argument came about came about in a way that those two could argue EVERY day. Call me gullible, but I think that whole story - conclusion being them "coming together" to kill the waiter - showed that this is just the way those two ARE together. i was dying laughing, thinking; 'Yup, that's Paulie and Christopher."

i think Paulie was genuine. as genuine as as volatile a man as he IS *can* be.


The russian story at the bar and Pauie's 'take'

Remember that when Chris is telling his version of the 'pine barrens' farce with the Russian and he was getting laughs from the crew, Paulie walks into the bar and isn't happy with Chris' version. Chris' version was making Paulie look like a fool, although partially true as to Paulie starting the problems. So when Chris makes a big deal with Paulie over picking up the check, Paulie recalled Chris's telling of the russian story and sets up a possible confrontation. The killing of the waiter, besides showing the cold blooded lack of emphey of these jerks, was like the pine barrens scenes, a way to bring these brothers of the LCN together, and ends the story loop. Chris was told by Tony S. (probably after Paulie told Tony S.) to keep picking up the checks and Paulie got his point made, and got an acknowlegment of respect for his position in the Family. This back and forth of Chris and Paulie is an interesting part of the whole Soparano's story lines.


The hatchet buried?

I agree with jeannie,

I think the only reason Paulie wants to bury the hatchet is because,It'll be alot easier to weather the storm after Tony finds out about the waiter.Paulie has already been going in a downward spiral.Remember a few scenes before the incedent with the waiter, he was tellin the guys at the bing that it was over between them two.Now he wants to make a mense,already?

Christopher is smart, he knows this as well, but doesnt care because itll be easier to explain to Tony with Paulie
backing him up too. He also knows that it will save him some money, because Paulie wont sweat the small stuff as much anymore. Like restaurant tabs and so on.
How long it'll last will remain to be seen. It should be fun watching the tension build up all over again though. It'll be funny thats for sure.

Ciao <img src= ALT=":evil">


loyal paulie

pauly wants to make good...he suffocated a "malignant c&*t" as he called her, to pay respect to his boss he after johnny played him like a fool...he still has an appreciation for the...for example when chris went off on tony at the intervention...just one of a few times we've heard "you're talkin to the boss here", or "word to the wise."

Plus i think he's scared shitless after poppin' the waiter.


Re: loyal paulie

whatya guys talking about?

Chris told paulie to whack him, since paulie stated that he's "f---ed up." Paulie had to whack him because of what Chris did to him. So if paulie gets into trouble with this waiter stuff so does Chris, cause we all know paulie will drag chris into it.

I thought that paulie's call was genuine. When he said something something like:

".....especially you know, you and me chris, always has been."

and Chris reply's "me too you, Im sorry"

those two lines make me think that they are truly cool with each other.

BUT, how long the truce will last is the real



I have a question about the scene when Paulie and Chris kill the waiter. After the waiter is shot Paulie and Chris hop into a Hummer then get their tails out of there. After that happens another car follows suit and gets themselves out of there. I assumed that's where the rest of the dinner party was in, including Tony, so wouldn't he had seen what happend between the waiter, Paulie and Chris and told his driver to get the heck out of there?

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