Tony's Next Smooth Move on Melfi?

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Re: Tony's Next Smooth Move on Melfi?

These were all good, FOMW, and I did vote (can you guess? <img src= ALT=":)"> ).

However, I'd like to add a 6th option:

Appeal to her 'maternal indebtedness' by 'arranging', anonymously, a handsome position for son Jason in business or academics (last I remember him, he was in a sort of nether world) and slipping the word to her at the appropriate time in the most altruistic manner that he can conjure.


Re: Tony's Next Smooth Move on Melfi?

Well JZ, I was trying to be funny, but your idea might actually get him somewhere.:-) Afterall, if Tony did something like that, he'd be just like the white collar power brokers that someone like Melfi would ostensibly find a good catch anyway -- you know the kind that have friends on the board of directors of big companies or that know the deans of major universities. As long as Tony doesn't have to break any kneecaps to make it happen, he should go for it.

I have no idea what you voted for. I was leaning toward the salami, LMAO.

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