Re: Overall, it?s the best season opener since the pilot, IM

Also, just the fact of Tony ending up back in the house at the end. Perfect. The writing on this episode alone was perfect. I cannot think of any episode in Season Three, or Two for that matter that went through the depths for the writing this evening. melfi's reaction Tony, all the layers in that scene. Attraction, turning to revulsion turning to how the hell do I get this guy out of my life. Then back again to how can I keep him. Something tells me the bear is on the way out, and is probably having drinks somewhere with The Russian, and Melfi's Rapist. I don't think a single episode of Three, maybe besides Amour Fou, Pine Barrens, University, And Army Of One, hit tonights standards. The rush of violence in Chrissie and Paulie's waiter scene was pretty harsh, But then again the writing throws a wool, you think at first, that the monring conversation between Chris and Paulie might actually have some guilt about the two. Chase is really going to reinstate season threes,"these guys aiern't teddy bears", there murderers. And I think this season will show just hw reprehensible these characters are. Even Lazzy bobby, who it seems hasn't made anymore progress on that. My favioirit, absolute favioirite, was TOny and Melfi. Tony's voice going high pithced, we have never seen him like that before. He was like a fifteen year old boy asking Jenny Melfi to the prom. Perfect. All Over. And once again, The King gets to reign the castle, even though he can't stay there, has to sit outside in the cold, and has to use the bear as an excuse for the trip. Intrestingly enough, FLYOnMELFI'SWALL, i have read what you have posted, and I believe this might have been through one of your posts, but I also noticed and agreed with you on it. Tony retreats to Carmella after falling out with melfi, which as the show is is completely backwards. I found that to be very intersting. Switching Therapy, even though I am sure It will only be temporary.


Tony Courting Melfi

Tony's pursuit of Melfi was a great element to open Season 5. It really captures the differences between Tony and Melfi's worlds. Melfi is obviously attracted to and interested in Tony, but she doesn't want to be part of that world. She married the safe and straighlaced Italian husband the first time around, when she was very young, and now she is tempted by the bad boy.

But I think that, at least to this point, she has been able to use her logic to tempter her heart. And Tony's "F--- you" outburst at the end of their last conversation only helped to confirm her reservations.

As for the rest of the episode....

1. Carmine's stroke certainly helps set up a complex storyline - a power struggle between Johnny Sack and Carmine Jr., and Tony's role in all of this.

2. Feech's return seems to suggest that he'll be the next Richie/Ralph in Tony's life, but it might turn out that be Tony's recently-sprung cousin will be his new nemesis, instead.

3. Tony wound up calling for a hit on Furio anyway. Could that subside if Tony and Carmela get back together again?

4. Chris and Paulie's arguments, and eventual reconciliation, was important. It showed that Tony will still take Paulie's side, on occasion. It also showed that Paulie still uses his logic to temper his more volatile side.

Good opening episode. On to next week!!!

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Tremendous, as always... I loved the Feech character. His voice is brilliant, and the Fred Astaire comment was right in line...

Obviously, Tony & Melfi stole the show, but I thought AJ did a great job as well. His "Mommy! Mommy!" at the sight of the bear was very effective.

Regardless of the spoilers that I have read, I still don't think that Tony and Carm will end up divorcing. I can see them getting back together, if for nothing else than the routine that they are so caught up in.

Another amazing (though minor) part of the episode was Carm's reaction when Tony opened the fridge and drank from the OJ carton. Classic insight as to the minds of both parties. Tony still seems to be attached, while Carm does seem to have distanced herself a bit.

All in all, great episode. There was a set-up for conflict in both families, and it's sure to get better.


Great set up

Like many above, the 1st episiode of the new season was excellent in it's pacing, writing, acting and scenes. It was kinda like returning home to your family after a long absense - things change, people come and go, need to be brought up to speed, set up for the future. Almost all of the old characters were shown, as well as intros to some of the new ones. There was the resquite murder of a minor person to show the true and psychopathic violent nature of the mob. The scenes between Tony and Melfi were creepy but excellent. There was a lot to show and set up for this season and now we here will try to see what in this 1st episode will foreshadow for the rest of the season


not for me, 'not yet'

well. i didn't think the episode was all that good. the killing of the waiter, to me was no needed. the episode felt very slow. it had some great moments. janice losing her ring...did she accidently dropped it in the food? i think she did..or the scene with JS at the hospital and johnny sack saying somethin about carm's speech. the guy wants the guy dead, we all know he doesnt give a shit about the speech. lol. classic sopranos moment. the whole melfi-tony stuff. at first i was shocked to see dr. tony trying to go out with dr. melfi. we talked about this before in the old msg board and i read alot of interviews of Chase where he said that having tony and melfi as a couple in the show was the wrost mistake he could make. it would ruin the show. and last night, i was praying that melfi wouldnt go out with tony because that would have ruined it all for me. i would have to agree with FlyOnMelfi'sWall about the possibility that tony's interest in melfi reflects his interest to gettin back with Carmella. i was talkin to my friend on the phone last night and i said to her that without carmella and the kids, he really has nothing. and he knows it. so , this season, i hope, he will try to get her back and i think melfi would be a great deal of help to him in doing that.
AJ was halarious when he screamed "Mommy mommy" that was just classic AJ moment. his drumming was good. benny was good too.

there were alot of good stuff in the episode. but i dont know, i would have to give it a B+...and maybe that's because my expectation of the show is so very high. but i do respect the opinions of everyone else who gave it an A+. we all have different tastes and different things satisfy us. but i am just glad the show is back agian.


Re: Overall, it?s the best season opener since the pilot, IM

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>I don't think a single episode of Three, maybe besides Amour Fou, Pine Barrens, University, And Army Of One, hit tonights standards. <hr></blockquote>

Wow, harmony. We agree on last night's ep and a lot more, but we're going to have to go to the mattresses on this one.:-)

You may recall from a previous exchange that season 3 is my favorite so far (although 5 is off to a very promising start). I would cite "Proshai, Livushka", "Employee of the Month", and "Second Opinion" as equal or better than the eps you named with honorable mention to "Another Toothpick". That makes 8 of 13 episodes from season 3 at or near stellar level, which made it more consistently brilliant for me than seasons 2 or 4. Season 1 -- well it was all so new and fresh then and all so perfect, it's hard to really say 3 was "better".

I learned from my days as a rabid Luke/Laura fan (General Hospital) that serial drama, not just a series but one with heavily serialized storylines, uniquely builds power and momentum and payoff as it goes because the audience's understanding and identification with characters just keeps growing and growing and because there are temporal dimensions that really help create the illusion that you are part of the characters' ongoing lives. So probably for that reason, I liked 3 best. The individual scripts and ideas were outstanding, but fruit from prior viewing investments was already ripe and dropping all over the place.

And ever it will be, I guess. It's early, but I had a premonition even before last night that season 5 would be my favorite yet. So far, I'm right.:-)


Re: Overall, it?s the best season opener since the pilot, IM

DOn't get me wrong, i really liked Season Three, I just thought four was the best season of the show. When Three was on, I remember how much i loved it. I think I may have just watched it a little too much. I agree with you, I thought Provishka (misspelling), was great, I loved Employee Of The Month, Forutnate Son, University, Second Opinion, He Will Rise. Ok, I loved the whole season. The only episodes I didn't love, was The Telltale Mootazedale, (which was still great), and.....well I think that's the only one. Season Four was my favioirite though and I hate to quote a review, but the "writing and acting worked together more powerfully that ever" in my opinion.I am extremly excited about Season Five so far. I agree with you FlyOnMelfisWall, that this will be the best season. I cannot wait for next week. That preview about the car coming back as a no hit, Ade with the Feds, Carmella, "Stop taking s*** out of the house", and Buschemi!!!!!!! I am watching the first episode, for the fifth time now. I expect to watch it probably two more times today. I guess I didn't make the whole just watching each episode once thing!


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