heres what i think

Overall that was a solid opener because

1) I loved Feech LaMana's (Robert Loggia) Jail story
2) The part with Chris and Paulie killin that guy
3) Glad paulie and chris buried there diputes.
4) Tony is the same which i like
5) i like the whole Bobby Bacala With Janice



It didn't feel like a first episode.

*shrugs* I'm no professional (AKA wannabe) critic, but it felt like a middle episode; I mean, where was the intro? I won't elaborate--more like I can't, because it's just a feeling about the show I have, not anything I can explain--anymore on the subject, but it's the only real criticism I have. (I'm not a very critical guy when it comes to TV/movies...).

I'm glad the show's back.


Overall, it?s the best season opener since the pilot, IMO.

I loved everything that was shown around the Soprano home. Many elsewhere have astutely pointed to the bear symbolism -- where once a family of endearing, harmless ducks roamed the yard and swam in the pool, now there is a solo monster of an animal prowling the yard, a threat to do damage at any time. The suburban family has given way to Tony the volatile rogue, who is roaming the yard right along with the bear.

I love Johnny Sac and am happy to see that he is apparently going to figure prominently again in Tony's season 5 "Family" life. The brewing Little Carmine/Johnny conflict looks very promising. Their one scene on the golf course last year was one of the better mob-related scenes of the 4th season.

This Feech dude didn't do much for me on first sight, though I've always liked Loggia. But then most of the mafiosos on this show do very little for me, with Tony, Johnny, and Bobby B, and to a small extent Uncle Junior, being the obvious exceptions.

I do look forward to seeing the Buscemi character for many reasons, not least of which is the apparent old history he has with Tony. Janice's comment also cracked me up: "that's the best picture they could find? He was a fox." LMAO! Sounds a little Godfather III, to me: mob daughter having crush on first cousin mob boy. In any case, the introduction of a blood-related character that knew Tony back in the day can only mean good things -- new back story exposition and further insight into how Tony became the man he is today.

Without a doubt, though, the night belonged, for me, to Tony and Melfi. I?ve put my comments about them in a separate post.


Re: Overall, it?s the best season opener since the pilot, IM

I loved this episode! I thought it was well worth the wait. I dug the bear, Janice tossing out the wedding ring, Tony and Valentina, Tony and Melfi, and especially, Paulie and Christopher. The "everyone's always gay with you", Carmella talking about the bears, Tony, "What the f***"", Melfi's dream, Johnny and Tony in the waiting room, Feech at Juniors, and the priceless final confrontation near the end between Tony and Melfi. The speech between Tony and Chris, about the luxury of having someone buy you dinner was classic. The end was great too. A+, I totally agree with you FlyOnMelfi'sWall. I think that this is the best season opener yet. Especially with the new Previously On Music, and The Creatures Promo for The Next Week On. I really enjoyed For All Debts, Public And Private, but it didn't feel like a premiere. This one felt like one. It felt like they were really setting things up for whole season. Things were even more focused that last time. Lets look at the books, PILOT=A+, A Guy Walks Into A Psychiatrist's Office-A-,Mr. Ruggerio's Neighborhood-B+, For All Debts Public And Private=A+,Two Tonys=A+.
Im rewatching it again, Tony standing there while trying to hit on Melfi was funny. i thought that the humor when Johnny said, "Hope his speech isn't affected" or something along those lines.

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