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he might be a part of the downfall of Tony Soprano, they always say that yes Gravano helped put Gotti away but it was Gotti himself, blabbing and gloating on taps that got him sent upriver. Tony doesnt do that, according to the FBI guy. This is going to be an interesting plot point in the upcomig season

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The final downfall?

I don't know about that, but I guess the preview (for the next episode) did talk about a trial with Tony. So I guess Ray could play some kind of role in that.

However, I think Tony's own screw-ups could lead to his legal downfall. In the fourth season, we seem him talk carelessly in both Satriales (a place probably bugged by the Feds) and in the hospital after Chris gets beat up at his rehab. confrontation thing. I wonder if these thoughtless discussions will come back to haunt him...


Re: The final downfall?

I knew the Curto-wire SUB-subplot would rear its ugly head again. The guy's always been on the periphery since we saw him getting wired for sound. Interestingly (I think) the actor who plays Curto, George Loros, played a mobster named "Anthony Boy" Gagglio in a couple of David Chase-penned episodes of The Rockford Files.


ray curto is a red herring

I don't know, something tells me that the Curto thing might not come up, or if it does, it won't be what leads to Tony's downfall. We know that George Loros only filmed a few episodes this season, I think towards the end... so it's possible they find out and he gets whacked. But what's strange is that this guy, a CAPO, has been presumably talking to the Feds for five years... and they still don't have anything on Tony from him? Maybe he's feeding them false information? I suppose they could be building up to a big case, though. But Chase has been known to let threads hang without a pat resolution (just like in real life, which is what makes it great.) So I won't hold my breath for another Altiere/Big Pussy rat-whacking (outside of Ade, of course!)



in the second season, Silvio tells Richie Aprile (after Richie was rebuffed by Tony after trying to initiate discussion on business) "You can talk to him [Tony], but now now, and never here [Satriales]" (I don't think this quote's verbatim, but it's close enough). It makes you think the FBI might have a place across the street with listening devices rigged up or somethin, you know?

And the hospital. Well, Tony was talking about murder and the disposition of the Family with only a thin curtain as a barrier between him and those right outside. Doesn't seem very smart/cautious.


Re: But...

ray and the feds i think is coming up in the next episode. There was brief moment where initially I thought it was Carmine sr. but then I am always confusing him and Ray Curto up. But yeah I definitely saw Ray sitting down not happy with what looked like the feds we have seen in previous shows.

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