Junior's house-arrest

What's the deal with Junior's trial? He beat the case right? So what was Tony talking about when he said all that stuff about house-arrest, codewords and secret passages?

Am I missing something? I thought that Junior isn't on the house-arrest anymore, but they made it look pretty much like he is. Does anyone know how this legal-stuff goes? Why does Junior have to be on House-Arrest after mistrial?



A mistrial doesn't mean he's innocent. It's just pretty much like the trial never happened and the gov. has to set up another trial and another grand jury and the whole process starts over.


Re: Junior's house-arrest

I'm pretty sure he's on house-arrest because he's still carrying out a sentence recieved in the final episode of the first season. He got out of prison (in the second season) because he--supposedly--has a heart problem.

Matzner, are you sure? I don't think he has to go to court anymore. The judge even said there weren't any jurors who could have done better (come out with a unanimous verdict) with the evidence given.


house arrest

tony mentioned something about junior being out of the house after jackies funeral, and after he took off with "burger boy" at the graveyard...but that was the end of season three and i think it was just because of the funeral, he didn't mention anything about it that i can recall at the end of 4.
And it produced one of my fav lines...i don't know why...maybe cause it makes me hungry:
"good gravy tonight"

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