Slate: Mob Experts Rate Week 1

MSNBC is carrying an interesting and ongoing discussion on The Sopranos and the Mob for the online magazine Slate. Each week, two organized crime experts will discuss America's favorite gangsters and compare them with real-life mobsters and their activities.

This week's Slate post features veteran New York organized crime reporters and authors Jerry Goldberg and Jerry Capeci. It's too long a discussion to reprint, but here's the link to the page:

I'll post the appropriate link under each new Season Five episode so interested fans can follow along.

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Re: Slate: Mob Experts Rate Week 1

I had checked Slate first thing Monday and was pretty mad that they changed to mob writers as the people to hold that discussion. They had been using a group of shrinks for two years. Of all times to change that, the season opener with that Melfi/Tony stuff and the questions of ethics and boundaries for psychiatric professionals seems like the worst possible timing.

I didn't really enjoy the colloquy between the new writers, as guys like Paulie and Chris and the realism of their pettiness is of zero interest to me beyond what it means contextually to Tony's story.


Re: Slate: Mob Experts Rate Week 1

I agree with Fly: a psychologist's take on "Two Tonys" would have been more appropriate and interesting. That's not to say I wouldn't want Mob experts' opinions (for I enjoy the organized crime aspect of the show a lot; perhaps even more than the psychology of the Sopranos), I just don't think this particular episode was right for mob analysis...

Besides, they don't seem to really discuss the Sopranos so much as they do real-life gangsters.

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