Melfi's Dream/ Her feelings?

I remember from an episode before this one, I believe "Calling All Cars" where states that dreams are desires or repressed urges (something along those lines) that along with the dream she had. Also she does state in the episode that she "likes him" and she seemed really happy to talk to him again. Also I feel that this episode she was the most "dolled up" of all of them, maybe like she was trying to impress him....IDK I kind of felt like they could have had something but it wouldn't seem right for her not to care if he did something wrong....what is everyones thoughts?
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Re: Melfi's Dream/ Her feelings?

Melfi always had an unconscious attraction to Tony, which she knew was unhealthy and never acted on, but it did in part lead to her drinking problem. sadly, Elliot Kupfenberg never really helped her to cope with this, since he was similarly attracted to her and felt threatened by her alpha-male gangster patient, so he became standoffish and useless as a therapist whenever Tony came up in their sessions. this allowed Melfi's complicated relationship with Tony to stagnate and fester.
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Re: Melfi's Dream/ Her feelings?

I did get that impression, though i guess an impression is all it really is. There was no real concrete evidence i guess, but a lot of the time Kupfenberg seemed kind of possessive and judgmental towards Melfi, particularly when her romantic life came up, i.e. her attraction towards Tony. He wasn't a terrible therapist overall, he did a good job helping her recover from the trauma of her rape, but it seemed like he could have handled the Tony situation better. though ultimately he inspired Melfi to drop Tony as a patient, which was a good decision on her part.
Taps, lights out, 2200 hours. What's missing? Give up? Television.
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