Early season one song ID request

Ok, season one early episode, maybe Meadowlands? Tony is fantasizing in a dream that Irina is in bed with him under satin sheets, only to look down and have Melfi pop out from under the covers. The song lyrics go something like " What time is it, it's time for love..." Sounds like late 50's early 60's soul. Trying to pin down the artist. Anyone?

Re: Early season one song ID request

Maybe it's just me, but I always thought the use of the music in that scene was a bit hokey. They hadn't quite gotten how to best structure the dream sequences, so the "What Time is It?" song playing seems to be from a sitcom or lesser show. I think it would've played much better if it was silent and you didn't know it was a dream until Melfi came out from under the covers with Irina's voice.
What violin?!
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