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Absolutely mate. These are quite sweet videos that you can't find anywhere else. By the way, while talking about quality recordings, check this out as well. Again WUTM from a 2008 gig @ Cardiff, Wales.

Next one is not the best one, may be a crap :) but it is the very last performance last saturday, I filmed it @ Fordham, Ely, Cambridgeshire. Hope you all like these videos of our beloved band Alabama 3.

Re: The Sopranos Alternate Intro-Without Credits

I wonder if the opening credit sequence with all the characters was something HBO requested. From what I understand, there was a lot more meddling in the first season, or at least the first few episodes, that Chase had to resist. Of course HBO not wanting Tony to actually kill Febby Petrullio is probably the most famous. It looks like they wanted a few more "traditional" aspects of the show, like the aforementioned sequence. All I know is that it reminded me of that one season of "Everybody Loves Raymond" where all the characters went by on a conveyor belt behind him during the opening credits.
What violin?!
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