Song in final scene of 6.19?


I apologise if this question has been answered before, perhaps in the subforum "The Second Coming", but I really want to know the name of the song in the final scene of this episode (6.19).
It is suggested on Wikipedia in the "Music in the Sopranos" article that it is called "Ninna Ninna", although the artist is unfortunately unknown.
I hope that somebody has a clue because this song is fantastic! :icon_cool:


Re: Song in final scene of 6.19?

The first two words of the song sounded to me like (phonetic pronunciation):

An-to-nee An-to-ney.

It would seem most likely that the song was some kind of Italian ballad but if that is not the case, then maybe it is a song special to the situation on camera at the time. At the time, Tony is hugging AJ and the two of them seem to be exhaling as if they are wondering what else can possibly go wrong now?

It sounds somewhat like an old friend of the family singing and shaking her head as if to say, "Anthony! Anthony! What is to become of you guys now?" or ... "What am I to do with you guys now?"

Almost like she knows they are both over the precipice. Like maybe they have both fallen from their precipices and are falling down down down to the ground. What was that Joan Armatrading song? Down to the ground! Kee-rash!!

Anyway, I am probably wrong. It was just a feeling I got from listening to that song. Isn't there anyone on the board who speaks Italian? I would think the song was Italian. No?
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