Theme Song by A3

This may have been posted somewhere before. It has been a while since I listened to the whole theme song and did so today, and it hit me that the song really sums up Tony and his conflicted feelings and captures where he is as we move to the end. Watching last nights episode for the second time as they played the song I could not help but think how it went with what I have seen in the last two episodes.

I don't usually try to over analyze the shows but I think Chase may have summed up Tony from the first episode with the theme song.

Re: Theme Song by A3

Agreed, the song choice was absolutely perfect for the series, almost too perfect. It's funny to think that for the longest time, Chase wanted to have a different song playing over the opening credits every single week. Can you imagine not hearing A3's song during Tony's drive home? It was HBO that pressured him into landing on one song that could be forever identified with the show. "Woke Up This Morning" - just one of several songs Chase tried out over the credits - was just one that he had heard on the radio and had remembered later on when he was putting together the pilot.

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