Season 1: episode one


Land of the Loops: Welcome Back (back)
Tony getting the paper.

Shirley & Company "Shame, Shame, Shame"
Song playing in Kitchen with Carm and the kids.

Sting: "I'm so Happy I Can't Stop Crying"
Tony enters the kitchen.

Connie Francis: "Who's Sorry Now"
Tony visits Livia Soprano

Dion & The Belmonts: "I Wonder Why"
Tony and Christopher chase man and beat him up outside HMO office.

Link Wray: "Rumble"
Outside Centanni's

Booker T & The MG's "Can't be still"
Chris and Tony go to Vesuvio

Madredeus: "Tardes de Bolonha"
Tony confesses to Carmela about his psychiatry

Bo Diddley "I'm a Man"
When Chrissy kills Emil in the pork store.

The Elegants: "Little Star"
Dick Barone's driving music

Joan Osborne: "Lumina"
Meadow tells Carm she doesn't want to go the Plaza to set under Eloise.

Funky Green Dogs: "Fired Up"
Bada Bing!

Annie Lennox: "No More I Love You's"
Tony and the guys comfort Artie at A.J.'s party.

Jefferson Airplane: The Other Side of This life
? (I think this might be the song playing in the car when we first meet Chris.)

Morcheeba: "Who can you trust?"

Nick Lowe: "The Beast in Me"
End Credits

Also, A wiki link with a list of all the end credit songs. ... s#Season_1

Re: Compiling all songs

I'm down to 40 more songs from seasons 1-6A.

If anybody wants to help, the list of what I am still looking for is below:


Basin Brothers - Maine Two-Step
The Spaniels - Little Joe
J Evans Quartet, Carla Helmbrecht - Lick It Up
The Hotheads - Slide Slide

Ceasar & Cleo (AKA Sonny & Cher) - Love Is Strange

Pat Longo - Just The Way You Are
Greg Wells - Soleil
Angie Stone - Without You
Nathan Wang - Wondering

Jerry Vale - Statte Vicino Amme
Carlos Rodriguez - The Girl From Rigoletto
Renzo Arbore La Orchestra Italiana - Medley: Tut E ssere - Che T Aggia Di
Terry Silverlight - By Your Side
Mark A Gutierrez - Latin Nights
Jerry Vale - Prima Donna
Sonny Dunham & His Orchestra - Sentimental Feelings
Brad Hatfield - Bossa Trio
Patrick Tuzzolino - Talking To The Dice

Sal Clemente & Douglas Crawford - Speed
Andre Williams & Velvet Hammer - The Velvet Groove
Metro Music Productions Inc - Earth, Wind, Water
DSM Producers Inc - Homespun
Jedediah Parish & Gravel Pit - I Know Your There
Non-Stop Music Library - Journey To Chung King
Peitro Leguani - Canzone Nepolitana
Southern Music Library - Charge
Angelo Petisi - Ciao Sicilia Mia
The Lost Boys - Nobody Loves And Leaves Alive
Starlight Orchestra - Simon Tov
Little Steven - Come For Me
Unit 187 - I Got It Under Control #1
Andrew John Seddon - Julia Florida
Munk - Slave
Smoggy Valley Boys - Layin' Back
Igor Cavdarski - Music Box Dancer
Smoggy Valley Boys - Sleepy Steel
Visual Performance Sylvia Kowalczuk - Claire De Lune
Ryan McHugh & The Shining Star Children - Mr. Tambourine Man

Time Pools - Time Passages
Time Pools - These Dreams
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