Sexy X-Mas Songs in Bada-Bing?

Hey Fans

Im looking for the Sexy X-Mas Music, played in the Bada Bing Strip-Club at the X-Mas Time (... ;-)) its some X-Mas Music with really sexy female voice and a nice Beat.... i like that much more then the original XMAS Music. Does some one have an idea how i could find that kind of Music?

best regards (and sorry for my bad english, im from germany)

Re: Sexy X-Mas Songs in Bada-Bing?

The song 'The Little Drummer Boy' has an especially bad resonance for older British people.
It was being played in the background when a famous murder took place, which was recorded on a reel-to-reel tape recorder for the murderers' later enjoyment. The recording was played in court as evidence.

No matter how upbeat a mix is made of that song, it is still creepy! Hearing it played in the Bada Bing scene gave me an extra frisson.
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