Larry at Raymond's Birthday Party

I know that there was a thread for this topic, but all repleis are gone, so I may hit on things already discussed. All apologies in advance.

1. Larry attends Raymond's birthday party even though on house arrest, bosating that he doesn't give a f@#k (or words to that effect.

2. The camera seems focused on Larry's large round tie tack.

3. When Benny is in the hospital, Larry is not there despite being Benny's godfather. The excuse: house arrest.

I may be seeing things not there, but is Larry also an FBI informer? He could be at Raymond's birthday party wearing a wire becasue he would have known ahead of time about the event and the FBI could plan for him to be there with his tie tack as a microphone (like the camera badges the waiters were wearing at the dinner to celebrate Junior's ascension to Boss). And, he would not be at Bennie's bedside with such a device becasue it was a sudden event that did not allow for pre-palnning.

I also noticed (on re-watching the episode) that before the party begins, Silvio is on the phone and tells the guys that Tony will be held up from attending, so they should start the party. Yet a mere 5 minutes later, Tony appears. Did Tony do this on purpose to give the malcontents time to talk (thinking he would not come) while Tony had a "spy" in the room (Silvio or Bobby).

I also noticed that Tony says he can't stay because he has a meeting. So after giving his speech about protecting the family, sticking together and supporting Chris on the lam, he leaves. But he doesn't go to a meeting...he goes home. Carmella even comments..."I thought you had Raymond's birthday". Tony replies "I left early". Was this another opportunity for Tony to bait the malcontents?


Re: Larry at Raymond's Birthday Party

I'm a newcomer so didn't have chance to read the prior thread on this topic -but I posed this same question in 'unresolved story lines' thread under 'season six' section.

though i didn't put it together as well as you did- I didn't even notice the tie. I just thought something seemed fishy in the scene and thought it odd they went to trouble of emphasizing Larry breaking house arrest (and maybe I'm off on this -but wouldn't that kind of gathering be kind of thing a guy under house arrest would definitely stay away from ? ) it certainly was an ideal setting for informants. and the not going to see Benny seemed suspicious as well.

then there's the scene where Larry trash talks Tony to Bobby B (not sure what to make of that)

I have this vision of a montage sometime in the next 2 seasons in which Chase shows us rat after rat after rat after rat after rat ... someone else pointed this out and I agree - I think the surprise that Jimmy P was an informant for FBI on NY family is foreshadowing (and he had 18 years worth of info on them)

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