Weird ending to a season that was hard to beat, especially if you were Tony's ex-driver who took the first 'hit' of the night, but looking back on the season, how could anyone not forget Ade's lousy ride with Tony and even lousier ride with Silvio, Tony B., quite possibly the best new character to the show and pretty good Ralph Kramden impersonator having to buy all those groceries, only to be shot neatly by his own cousin, the slow demise of Uncle Junior reminding us about something, Chris looting his own apartment or just getting a quick glimpse of Pie-O-My again thanks to Grandpa Munster.

Just one thing. What was the deal with AJ "Gordon Gecko" Soprano? He seems to have found his nitch in Event Planning, as long as the attendees bring their own booze, but is he really setting himself up to be in line to take over Ade's club?

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