Tony Soprano = Erwin Rommell?

I just watched this season for probably the 6th or 7th time.{how layered is this t.v programme? I swear you could watch an episode 999 times and find something new the thousandth time)

One scene in this episode shows Tony watching a history channel documentary about Rommell. i know he watches historical documentaries a lot but i think in an episode where the theme of Tony being a general is shown time and again, this scene is not a co-incedence.

The comparisons between the two are....

Both know right from wrong, Tony through his therapy sessions occasionly expressing regret for his actions. Wishing he could have led a different life as an American Football coach etc.

Rommell treating POW's humanely, outright refusing orders to murder Jews etc.

But both still work in evil Empires. Tony in the mafia and Rommell for the reich.

Both sacrifice themselves for their family, Tony continuing to live the mafia life despite knowing there are only 2 outcomes, life in prison or death.

Rommell by taking cyanide under orders to do so after his part in a failed attempt on Hitlers life to save his family from being tortured/murdered by the nazi regime.

I cant think of any other comparisons but i think there are probably more and i am 100% sure this scene wasnt a coincedence or accident.
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