Carmella's reaction to Ade's murder?

I have been pondering about this for two days now and I am so looking forward to Carmela's reaction when she puts two and two together and realize that Ade was whacked by the hands of Tony, Chris and Silvio. There is nooo way in hell Carmela will brush this aside as if this was some random mobster that needed to be clipped. This was FAMILY. This will certainly hit close to home for Carmela. Carmela and Ade were good friends, like sisters. Remember when Ade ran out of the house in tears after one of their all night movie groups. And Carmella and the women chased Ade to her car worried and concerned?

I think Carmela will HIT the roof and all hell is gonna break loose. It's one thing to have Tony's mistresses call the house and rub it in her face but to kill Ade who is family is just taking it too far. Remember how scared Carmela was when Tony threatened to whack Furio if he stepped back to New Jersey. I wouldn't be surprised if the next season Carmela does the inevitable and leaves Tony for good. I think it's a good indication that their marriage is doomed.

What do you all think about Carmela finding out about Ade's death?

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