Anyone Notice The Orange Smirnoff?

I posted this in the ep 12 review and but though a new thread might be appropriate. I've looked and haven't found any mentions of this. Right before the scene where Ade drops the bomb on Chris, they show him for a quick second pouring himself a drink. Well the vodka used was orange Smirnoff. As is the opinion of many fans, the use of oranges in this show often symbolize danger lurking around the corner.

I think Chase bit it from Coppola. In the Godfather, Marlon Brando is smelling oranges at a fruit stand before he is shot in the street. Then later before he dies in the garden he puts an orange wedge in his mouth to amuse his young grandson. I can just here you all now "no shit, duh."

I know that most of you know this already but for those that don't, Chase has used this idea many times already. I will cite a few examples.

In the episodes leading up to Ralphs death, he spends time in Florida. When he gets back he brings Tony none other than a chinsy old bag of oranges.

In the last season, right before Tony's Russion bimbo calls his house and devastates Carm with news of him f*ckin' Svetlana, AJ opens up the fridge and the camera seems to focus on a jug of Tropicana on the refrigerator door.

Lastly, before the fight with AJ in I believe season three, the fight that ends with Tony saying to Carm something like, "and THIS is supposed to be my replacement?" Referring to AJ and what a disappointment he is. Sorry I don't have more specifics on what ep it is but it ends with Tony attempting to make up with AJ by bringing a pizza into his room and eating it with him on his bed. Anyway right before the shit hits the fan, sitting on the kitchen table is a basket overflowing with oranges.

There have been another couple of examples of this but I'm drawing a blank right now.

I watched the ep for the second time tonight and noticed it. Anyone else out there pick up on this?

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